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Musicians that look like you

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ELO...you mean Electric Light Orchestra? Hell I forget I saw them in concert:-) They were really good!

I never got to see them play but in the late 1970's I did have most all of there record's! Jeff is a shear genius with music, I've transposed "Can't get it out of my Head" & "Living thing" for my solo act. Well, "Can't get it out of my Head" is way too complex so I sort-a don't like to plat it.

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I had a co-worker that I thought looked like Robert Plant.

Then you must post a picture of yourself on the Meet & Greet thread...if you have and I missed it I apologize, if you have not, then please do so:-) :yesnod:

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I don't have a lookalike, but my husband looks eerily like Luke Wilson on those AT&T commercials, and my son looks like a young Daniel Craig :)

Oooooo. Luke wilson? You go Virginia.

Yesterday when I was getting my hair cut, the lady told me I looked like Gretchin Wilson. I don't really know her music, but I've seen her before. I guess that was a nice compliment.

I've also been told I look like katie holmes.

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Hi All,

Along long time ago back in the day, people use to say i had a striking resemblance to our very own Jimmy Page, my wife cant believe it though, she says i look more like Meat Loaf, and she means the food not the singer. :lol:

Regards, Danny

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