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Hendrix vs Zeppelin


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That's a ridiculous thing to say.

Then tell me what YOU think his style was Major Payne. Did he play folk? middle eastern? rockabily? pop? Unless there are albums I've never heard, Hendrix was a rock/blues guitar player that took it all to another level. Are you saying he wasn't a blues, acid, rock guitar player???? Here we go again.....

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Jahfin, eh? That's a cheap shot, apart from being an absurd comparison.

He didn't have 'a style'. That's what made him so great. Here are just a few songs that are neither pure rock nor acid blues:

May This Be Love

The Wind Cries Mary

Third Stone From The Sun

Up From The Skies

Castles Made Of Sand

One Rainy Wish

Bold As Love

Have You Ever Been To Electric Ladyland

Long Hot Summer Night

Burning Of The Midnight Lamp

1983 / Moon, Turn The Tides


Power Of Soul

Message To Love

South Saturn Delta

Cherokee Mist

Heaven Has No Tomorrow


Night Bird Flying

Ok, take out the word "pure" that of course you think limits his classification to these examples (which some you posted are acid rock/experimental tunes), but last time I checked Hendrix's albums were in the ROCK or BLUES section of the store (yes, I still like to go to an actual store to buy music occasionally) not the Jazz, or any other section. Are you gonna say that he is not known worldwide as a primarily Rock or Blues guitar player??? With these few examples are you gonna say that 90% of his work is not rock or blues?? Are you trying to debate with me because you don't think I credited or "classified" him with enough styles of playin?? Sure, Jimi played some jazz, acid and experimental stuff - just as Jimmy Page played just about anything on record-but he's still recognized as a primarily Rock guitar player. You can argue if you want , but it'll be by yourself of with someone else.

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What I mean by "pure" is the "epitome", "perfect example" or "deepest form" of rock/blues playing. He set a new standard for that style of work. Sorry my use of the term confused you or was incorrectly used. And yes, he did have a varied style. But if compared to Zeppelin (which the thread is about) Page was even more versatile - which resulted in Zeppelin having a very wide spectrum of songs. Who's better??? Well that's just a matter of taste, but he was in fact more of a broader player on album. If you own a few Zep records, you know what I mean.

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Well that's better - there's really no need to be confrontational, is there?

I would still maintain that Jimi deployed a more diverse palette during his brief career than JP during his first 4 years with LZ. Sure, JP threw in the folk element, but a word few people seem to mention with Jimi is SOUL. And I'm not just talking about the obvious soul influence, I mean the soulfulness of his playing, even during some of his heavier songs. That's something few players achieve, or even aspire to, IMO. Some of JP's solos were getting there - TYG and SIBLY spring to mind - but for all his 'sloppiness' and hellfire & brimstone moments, Jimi remained a very soulful player. Well, most of the time...

Absolutely, his solo's were "otherworldly" and "soulful" for sure, more than anyone else at the time. But his use of pedals covered up alot of his sloppiness, where Page was exposed for that same trait. If you only talking solo's-then yeah I can agree that they are probably the most inventive/innovative and aggressive. But for me, the solo's break down to taste-

To me, Page had the most "feel" . If we are talking "guitar player", meaning songwriting, composition, solos, arrangement, the whole package... I really prefer Page in that sense of the word. I think his compositions as a guitarist have allowed his collaborations with Zeppelin to be some of the finest, timeless, most memorable recordings in the history of rock. Just as Hendrix is considered by most to be the "epitome" of a rock/blues guitarist, Zeppelin are the "epitome" of a Rock Band, and without Jimmy Page that would not be so.

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I posted this in another Hendrix thread here but, my Jimi Hendrix touchstone tune has always been "Machine Gun" from Band of Gypsys. In the forty years since that performance I have heard heavy metal shredders, electric blues players deluxe, fusion gods of speed and dexterity, and many other guitar players of various styles and skill.

I have never heard anything remotely close to the performance Hendrix did with this particular song. I'm still waiting too.

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