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Jimmy Page in Japan interview snippet 1990


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This snippet was from 1990 while Jimmy did a promotional tour of Japan to promote the release of the Led Zeppelin Box Set. I don't know exactly what publication this came from in Japan or if it was part of a press conference, but I got it from the ZOSO fanzine 11/90 & it was part of an article by ZOSO correspondent Eric Sachs, who reviewed the bootleg section normally, who posted some questions & answers from the Japanese press & Page. Since it usually pops up every now & again about whether Page is Asian or part Asian I thought I'd post this:

Interviewer: There was a rumor that your mother was Japanese. Do you have any Japanese relatives?

Jimmy Page: No, but in school other kids used to make fun of me and say that "you must have a Japanese father or something." The first time I came to Japan everyone thought I had a Japanese wife, but I was still single so that was impossible. It seems the image of "Japanese" goes well with me.

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