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This photo is from the book stairway to heaven and yes, that is Cole next to Jimmy. The other guy is "the red baron". If I remember correctly this is Germany 1970, I let my friend borrow the book so I can't look it up.

Just a wild guess but the guy between Jimmy and Robert looks a lot like a young Josef Zawinul of Weather Report fame

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Study the outfit..... Guess where it was taken...

Photographer Laurence Ratner on facebook has confirmed this picture is from the No Quarter premiere at Beacon Theater in NYC.

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Can anyone confirm the date that Jimmy & The Edge dined at Bistro 990 in Toronto?

It's known on September 5th 2008 Jimmy arrived at the Ryerson Auditorium in a limo for the world premier of 'It Might Get Loud' during the Toronto International Film Festival and a Q&A session immediately followed. Then he attended the after-party at the Metro Soho Hotel.

The following day, September 6th 2008 Jimmy attended a photo shoot and press conference for 'It Might Get Loud' at the Sutton Place Hotel, which was hosting the Toronto International Film Festival. I suspect they had gone to Bistro 990 before or afterward as it is located just across the street.



Bistro 990 liquidation auction:


Photos courtesy Steve A. Jones Archive

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14 March 1969?

Yep if it is stockholm then that picture was taken in he Uppasala University theatre. They did 2 shows on the14th one in the day at the Stockholm concert hall and one in the night at Uppasala, the inside of the Concert hall has red seating everywhere so it must be the university

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