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(actually I have to delete so much cos my dad made me put my Zeppelin pics on a CD…)

^smarter than me! :lol:

< a little irked about a comment in the random thread… but I'm staying out of it now…

^ would like to know more about said post !!

< I should be in bed as its 4.39am !!

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^Is ticked at current day Jimmy for a reason that I don't understand

Oh, no no no! I am ticked at someone on here. It's hard to explain unless you go to the random thread like I said. Cos I told about an embarrassing thing that happened today (I called my dog Jimmy in front of my mum, who told me to stop daydreaming) and then somebody said something about like "all you care about is seventies Jimmy" and all that crap and how he was a "pretty boy" and how I don't know anything… :rant: Nevermind.

^homework sucks

< I feel weird :blink:

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^ Rabia, you can calm down. :lol: Like I said, I was only ticked, not angry. It happens often enough… Plus I don't even know them… I mean, like, I've never had any interaction with them on here at all… I just don't know. :lol:

< I am still embarrassed about calling my dog Jimmy. :blush:

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^It feels embarrassing. But it's your mom so don't worry. I think it's cute

>I understand how Vannis feels. I had a dream about hugging my guy friend so friskly and kissing him on the cheek a few times. I thought it was so cute of a dream, but I am going to be embarrassed to look at him in school

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