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Ain't In It For My Health: A Film About Levon Helm

Rock N' Rollin' Man

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Ain’t In It For My Health: A Film About Levon Helm will be making its world premiere at this year’s SXSW Festival! Directed by Jacob Hatley, Ain’t In It For My Health finds Levon thrust into the musical spotlight for the first time in a quarter century, but a Grammy nomination and ever-growing audiences force him to confront the dark times that have haunted him since The Band’s demise: Throat cancer, bankruptcy, drug addiction and the tragic loss of bandmates Richard Manuel and Rick Danko. Win or lose, Levon is an artist who will not go quietly into the night.

Schedule of show times to be announced shortly. This year’s SXSW Festival runs from March 12th – 21st.

American musical icon Levon Helm recently won his second consecutive Grammy Award in the category of “Best Americana Album” for Electric Dirt, his second release on Vanguard/Dirt Farmer Music.



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