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Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

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Ya know, I think it's a cool thing too honor the one's that have stood the test of time and made an impact on the style of music known as "Rock & Roll". But, I do think that a lot of the act's that have been inducted are not "Rock & Roll" or "Rock" or even the famed "Rock Blues" that came out of the 1960's and 1970's.

True, the pre mid 1960's act's had a very big influence on the rocker's that would come after them but I don't see a need to include these act's into a musical style that they really don't convey in the music that made them star's (in a good way). Being as many came after the original "Rock & Roll" of the 1950's they didn't influence that at all so, how/where do we honor them? Is there a Rhythm and Blue's Hall of Fame? Is there a Jazz Hall of Fame?



For Jazz, take your pick there are a load of them!!


Don't get me wrong, I like lot's of different type's of tunes including many of the R&B, Jazz etc... that is not of a true "Rock & Roll" or "Rock" sort...

You wouldn't expect to see Led Zeppelin inducted into a guild or organization for Sympathies & Chamber music that changed Classical music would you?

Just a thought

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I was there many years ago. They had wax figures of the band with jimmy in his white dragon suit. Then I belive that he top floor also had zep stuff.

but this was many many years ago. Probably about 90.

As far as the induction process, it stinks. There are so many bands that should be there, but still are not. Alice Cooper comes to mind. School's Out, Eighteen and no hall of fame.

Black Sabbath just got in a few years ago instead of day one. I heard that they were so pissed off and that's why they didn't play themselves at their induction ceremony. Metallica did a tribute to them as they sat in the audience and watched...which was awesome btw.

It's almost as bad as the grammy's metal category.

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