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I may be in Zummerzet, but I be from Ol' Lahdan Tahn dontchaknow

"Maybe its because i'm a Londoner" Oi me ole Scrumpy Bolliks, we dont use "aches" in London does we? we drop em. :lol:

Now fathom me this.

3 men want a hotal room for the night each payed £10 per room = £30 total, the manger said "I you charged too much" the manger gave £5 to bob (the kid at the booth) bob did not know how to split £5 between 3 so he put $2 in his pocket and gave £1 to each of the 3 men so each man payed £9 for the room. £9 times 3= 27+ the £2 bob has = 29 Where did the last doller go?

Kind Regards, Danny

PS, The kid is a Scousers and he nicked the money alwight. :lol:

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