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Funny TV Commercials


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Hi All,

"Who'D 'a' thought it" i just love this commercial, and the pub featured in it, the "Who'D 'a' thought it", it is just up the road from where i live, "Who'D 'a' thought it" hey, its in Timbercroft Lane Plumstead SE18, and nowhere near Plymouth. :lol:;)

Regards, Danny


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I saw one today for Glad bags.

2 guys were pulling a piano up on a rope when it broke and the piano got demolished when it hit the sidewalk. They then took the strong Glad bag and put all the parts in it and took the bag upstairs and said: 'Here's your piano!'


I like the Orbit gum one too.

'What the French, toast?'


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I don't know why, but I get a kick out of the GEICO commercial where the boss and the gecko are talking about trust and the boss gets up to try a trust exercise. The one where you fall backwards and trust that the other will catch you. The big boss is falling backwards and the gecko has this look on his little green face and says "Oh dear". Gets me every time even though I've seen it several times.

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