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Question concerning new TSRTS bonus disc

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Those great jams on 2007 TSRTS Disc2 menu I am thinking may be "The Crunge" improv jams from WLL on a certain one of those 3 MSG nights. This is because it has "The Crunge" in the credits at the end of the DVD, and this is the only thing it can be referring to. Either way, it is one HOT ASS jam out, listen to John Paul Jones incredibly funky and rocked out bass lines! So good its ridiculous. Only Zep did stuff this cool.

The jam on the Disc 1 menu after you select "Songs" is totally crushing too! Seriously hot Theremin and bass line action, it's another version of WLL obviously, but man do they cook, and the menu video collage going on at the same time is really slick and well done too. Love when Page hits a high note on the Theremin and throws his arm back to the left then the camera pans back to Plant. THIS IS SERIOUS ROCK AND ROLL JAMMIN' BOYS!!!!

Bump for this thread. I just have now broken out and played it. The menu soundtrack and visuals completely freaking ROCK. Turned it way up in dolby and I was blown away. Love how they treated this. LOVE IT.

It would be sweet if they would produce a dvd of everything they have of the perfomances of MSG. If they didnt have the film to match the sound, then produce it as they have on the menus. I am mesmerized. Much more exitement than the menus on the LZ dvd (and I love those).


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