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Today In Led Zeppelin History

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3 hours ago, apantherfrommd said:

Who wouldn't give one eye to hear the rehearsal tape? ;) Does the tape exist?

I'd bet it does, and in the possession of one James Patrick Page. And I doubt it will ever be made public within his lifetime.

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50 years jesus... My parents did not even meet.

50 years.... 262 bootlegs on my collection for differents dates.. worst of great sound, it was always awasome

50 years... a long journey was made, into heroin, alcohol.. break voices... Bonham and all was always """"over the top"

50 years.. .. respect to the decision of Robert Plant for continue without Jimmy and JPJ because he knows, Led Zeppelin without Bonham is not the same... maybe im wrong, correct me.

50 years .. just congratulations. I'm 27 and i discover the band at 13 by my father with "Led Zeppelin Greatest Hits Remasters, 1990 ? " with the solo of Dazed and Confused  ... OH MY GOD.. the first time i listened that...WOW. i can't describe that just listened the drummer and i said i want be like him.. but i wasnt .

50 years.... after all this years John Bonham  would have been 70 this year but let's be honest he would never have gone over 50 unfortunately
50... years... but only 12 years to prove who is the greatest rock and roll band of earth
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New post on Jimmy's Page today gives great details about recording the first album: 

The inception of the epic Led Zeppelin I
So we're in the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin, and on this day on 25th September 1968 heralds the inception of the epic Led Zeppelin I album: the moment whereby I would be able to manifest the sounds and layers I had heard in my head and also prove my status as a producer.

The group went to Studio No.1, Olympic Studios, 117 Church Road, Barnes, London, SW13, having extensively rehearsed the material for Led Zeppelin I at my house in Pangbourne and we had had the opportunity to perform a good percentage of that material during a few concerts in Scandinavia and the UK to experience our music in a live situation under the clandestine cloak of the Yardbirds. In those days, the studio time was scattered and limited over a few days in September and October, dictated by Olympic's availability.

Thus, with the aid of my old friend Glyn John's masterful engineering, at 11pm on Wednesday 25th September 1968, we began our recordings and embarked upon committing this eclectic powerhouse to tape.

Much has been speculated about the initial recordings, so I thought it would be useful to show the worksheet from RAK that gives the dates and times that we were scheduled initially to go in. It makes fascinating reading.


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Support from Frosty Noses and Audience. Tony Statton-Smith intrdouced all the acts.

Recording Includes: Band Announcements [ cut ],

Good Times Bad Times Intro >>

Communication Breakdown >>

I Can't Quit You Baby, [ cut ],

Heartbreaker, [ cut ],

You Shook Me [ cut ], [ cut ],

What Is And What Should Never Be, [ cut ],

Dazed And Confused [ cut ],

How Many More Times (<< colors, Over Under Sideways Down, Down By The River, The Hunter, Eyesight To The Blind, Shake For Me, Boogie Chillun [ cut ]..) [ cut ].

Source: Incomplete good to very good audience recording. 59 minutes.

Details: A little distortion, occasional tape hiss, and slightly weak bass do not prevent this from being a highly enjoyable document. The drums are clearly audible.

Bootleg LP Reference(s): Live At The Lyceum (Grant Musik) & London Live (Right Records) 

Bootleg CD Reference(s): Good Times Bad Times (Scorpio Japan), Lyceum (Cobra Standard Series), Lyceum Preview (Immigrant), Triumphant UK Return (Empress Valley Supreme Disc), & UK 10-12-69 (Totonka)


We get the 2nd take of Heartbreaker from the forthcoming album.
This show is a show case of what was out there. The fans also get a treat as to what is to come. This is a preview of the second album. The first preview was two days before, and this one is in London. A great warm up for a warm loving embrace - back to North America. 
Robert Plant has molded into his role. John Bonham has never wavered from his destiny. Jimmy Page is reveling in his prophetic creation. He has stood tall and emboldened with confidence, graciously embracing the foreshadowing of a Legend. John Paul Jones strongly uplifting the backbone of a band with the weight of a stongman.
As they left this show in London for America, they knew the page had been turned. No longer would Led Zeppelin be introduced as "The - Led Zeppelin" as they were in Lewisville (Dallas) on August 31st, 1969. They were now a FORCE to be reckoned with.
Peace On.  "Apanther"



Rather than bombard you with loads of videos, I'll post just one song. 
How Many More Times
. Colors
.Over Under Sideways Down (guitar snippet)
.Down By The River
The Hunter 11:07
.Eyesight To The Blind 12:20
.Shake For Me 
.(For the Late Great Potted Plant) Boogie Chillun 13:05

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From Jimmy's site today:

Feb 10, 1969  I played Memphis State University with Led Zeppelin

This is it! The band were to play at Memphis – the cradle of blues, rockabilly, and the genius Sam Phillips. This was it, a dream come true for me to visit the mecca of music. We were awarded the key to the city because the concert had sold out in record time and I don’t believe the mayor was aware that it was a rock concert. But hey – someone who sells out that fast deserves the keys to the city!

This wasn’t necessarily the best time to be touring the South: black people were still being lynched in other southern states and the man who shot the two bikers at the end of Easy Rider would get a standing ovation in movie theatres! Long hair, hippy ethics and anything askew of redneck were not welcome in places like Memphis and Nashville at that time. Just by chance, one of our road crew was taking a call of nature in the restroom when he overheard the police discussing what they had in store for the members of Led Zeppelin later that evening. After the show, we left the State University and drove overnight straight to Miami taking the keys to the city with us!

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1 hour ago, John M said:

This photo always amazed me because in 1972 Zeppelin were on the top of the world and they played on such a small wooden stage with plain plywood as a backing and half "ceiling"

Yup. They look like they’re playing a graduation party or field days! Incredible.

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What I find fascinating is that now we have stadium bands with choreographed LED backdrops yet somehow Zeppelin inhabits such a small space on stage and still creates power and spectacle. How bands did that with limited amps and sound equipment compared to today is astonishing.

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6 hours ago, anniemouse said:

What I find fascinating is that now we have stadium bands with choreographed LED backdrops yet somehow Zeppelin inhabits such a small space on stage and still creates power and spectacle. How bands did that with limited amps and sound equipment compared to today is astonishing.

Bonzo said once in an early interview people used to go see the Beatles because they wanted to look at "The Beatles". Zeppelin were more about the music, not the "act" - and that's what people were coming for - the music. I think your observation is correct - it is once again about the spectacle - not necessarily with the music as the main focal point or idea.

The 70's not only had possibly the richest vein for superb quality bands/musicians/singers/writers probably ever, but it was also at a perfect time for having to build success on their live prowess mainly through word of mouth and the print press - not just their LP's. It was the perfect landscape for greatness to emerge. Not because they had all the media tools for advertising themselves - but precisely because they didn't.

These days the spectacle is the attraction. For better or worse.

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"50 Years Ago Today on October 17, 1969...."

Today (October 17, 2019) is the 50th Anniversary of the Led Zeppelin Carnegie Hall concert in New York City!!!!!!!

October 17, 1969 - October 17, 2019






The Led Zeppelin Forum invites any fans who attended this concert (or just simply love their music) to leave your comments here about this momentous occasion!!!  We'd love to hear from you.  




For detailed documentation of that historic night and more fan photos from the concert, see the link below:

Edited October 17 by drowan

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