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Today In Led Zeppelin History

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March 29, 1975.

45 years ago on this date Led Zeppelin became the first band to have six albums on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart at the same time.

"Physical Graffiti" was released on February 25, 1975 and made its debut on the Billboard chart at #3 on March 15, 1975. The highest first week chart position in Billboard history to that time. The next week "Physical Graffiti" hit #1 on March 22, 1975.

For the Billboard Top 200 Album chart dated March 29, 1975, "Physical Graffiti" remained #1 while the following Led Zeppelin albums charted as follows:

#83: IV

#92: Houses of the Holy

#104: II

#116: I

#124: III

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From JimmyPage.com today Sept 12


John Bonham: Tour de Force

On this day in 1976, I was in the studios in Montreux Casino with John Bonham and engineer John Timperley to record Bonzo's Montreux. I had recently acquired an innovative piece of equipment, the Eventide Clock Works Harmonizer and I discovered one setting where you could arrive at a steel drum sound. I wanted to employ this colour, if possible, in the palette of John Bonham's drum orchestra project. He really liked it and it's quite heavily featured in the construction of the piece. When it came to be mixed, I used the keyboard with the Harmonizer to construct the final gliss-phrases. The percussion employed on this track with John Bonham's kit were overdubbed bass drums, snare drums, tom toms, timpani, timbale, congas, backwards echo and Harmonizer. I am sure John's inspiration came from the Brazilian Samba schools.

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From Jimmypage.com today.  A momentous day, 51 years ago.  I know what I will be listening to today.

I played the Albert Hall with Led Zeppelin  09 January 1970

Every member of the band was nervous and for good reason. We had played the Albert Hall previously on the Pop Proms, but today in 1970 we were to headline our own show at the most prestigious venue at that time. During the previous year we had been putting in a lot of time in America and recorded the second album, released on 22nd October 1969. It was going to be a critical test of our ability; not only to our fans, but to the press and our families and all in attendance that evening. That evening I met Charlotte, my daughter Scarlet's mother.

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Presence was released 45 years ago today!  In celebration of this, I covered it on this week's episode of my podcast:



Buzzsprout for those without access to either of the above: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1119254/8242575


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On 10/03/2010 at 14:37, dazedjeffy said:

10 de março de 1968 »Jimmy Page - Paris, França @ Private Party

10 de março de 1968 »Jimmy Page - Paris, França @ L'Olympia Music Hall

10 de março de 1968 »Robert Plant - Erdington, Birmingham, West Midlands, Inglaterra @ Carlton Club

10 de março de 1970 »Led Zeppelin - Hamburgo, Alemanha @ Hamburg Musikhalle

10 de março de 1971 »Led Zeppelin - Canterbury, Kent, Inglaterra @ Rutherford College

10 de março de 1973 »Led Zeppelin - Oslo, Noruega @ Ekeberghallen

10 de março de 1975 »Led Zeppelin - San Diego, Califórnia @ San Diego Sports Arena

10 de março de 1981 »Robert Plant - Keele, Staffordshire, Inglaterra @ Keele University

10 de março de 1981 »Jimmy Page - Londres, Inglaterra @ Hammersmith Odeon

10 de março de 1985 »Jimmy Page - Denver, Colorado @ McNichols Sports Arena

10 de março de 1995 »Page & Plant - New Orleans, Louisiana @ UNO Lakefront Arena

10 de março de 2000 »John Paul Jones - Ft. Lauderdale, Flórida @ Fubar

10 de março de 2006 »Robert Plant - Crans-Montana, Suíça @ Caprices Festival

10 de março de 2007 »Robert Plant - Dubai, Emirados Árabes Unidos @ Dubai Country Club

much obliged for that

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From jimmypage.com today.

I played the Seattle Kingdome with Led Zeppelin

17 Jul 1977

On this day in 1977, Led Zeppelin played the Kingdome in Seattle, an indoor venue that held 70,000 people. It felt surreal, as we entered the building through an airlock door. Here is a section of my solo spot that features the theremin and the bow and the exploration of both. It's lengthy but gives an example of my avant-garde journey with this sonic architecture.

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