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Led Zeppelin partners with ESPN, NFL


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The following news item about Led Zeppelin will not mention the band’s upcoming reunion concert, because we are all very well-acquainted with that forthcoming event. That said, this news item has a similar thematic thrust, because just like a news item about the band’s reunion concert, it is a news item about how much Led Zeppelin loves money.

Shocking, we know, but can you blame them? You could argue, of course, that Led Zeppelin’s unmentionable reunion concert is just a chance for the band to play for its fans, but somehow, the ticket prices make us a bit hesitant to make that claim. In any case, the latest bit of Zep info is solidly, undeniably in the “All About the Benjamins” category. The band has signed a deal with ESPN and the NFL.

What could the two possibly have in common, and why now? Well, both are generally enjoyed by dudes of all ages, and Led Zeppelin just released Mothership, a new compilation. Now, next time you watch a slammin’ NFL game, you might hear some slammin’ guitar riffs. The cumulative effect will make you want to buy football gear and a two-CD retrospective. That’s rock n’ roll!


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