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Pics from Morgana Welch with and without the band

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I need some good pics from Morgana Welch with and without the band, I also need some pics with the "LA QUEENS" for a work that I am doing about famous groupies for my college. Thank you for all your help.

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I'd take the site with a pinch of salt, though--among other things, it claims Plant had a romantic relationship with Janis Joplin and recently made a "folk-based album with folk singer Alison Krauss." Well, at least they didn't call it bluegrass, I suppose. :P

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Morgana Welch






Thank you for your help, I got one were she is with her grandkids (5 kids blink.gif), but I will not use that one because this is part of her private life, and I want to make a work based on her groupie life!!!

Ps: Look to how Lori is today



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