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Ipswich 1971 - gig review at last


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I'm writing a feature for the East Anglian Daily Times in Ipswich about Led Zeppelin's gig in Ipswich in 1971. Bizarrely, the paper didn't cover the gig at the time - and I'm putting that right, 39 years on.

I've got hold of a bootleg recording of the gig and, as well as the paper feature, I've done a review on my blog. It sounds like a crazy night, in a converted swimming pool that's now a Tesco Express.

It was just eight days after the release of IV and Plant refers to the problems they had with it. The crowd obviously don't know the likes of Black Dog, Stairway to Heaven, Rock & Roll etc.

Plant also refers to a previous gig in Ipswich which I can't find any record of. If anyone can help or knows anything about it, please let me know.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it....


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Great review, the UK winter 71 tour is I'd say the most underated of the bands career with that same infectious fun loving vibe of the more famous Japanese shows before it. That review really shows just who so many of us listen to every live recording we can, its not just for the brilliant playing but rather the sense of occasion so many of the concerts had. In the first few years of the bands career espeically theres rarely a sense of them going though the motions with a postit note of the venue city on the neck of Page's Les Paul, every night feels like its there only gig in months.

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