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Zeppelin alternate history

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Page probably would have died of a heroin addiction within a year or two if Bonzo didn't die. A lot of the stuff in that article just isn't correct factually.

I dunno. It's not like Bonzo died and Jimmy stopped using. By many accounts he spent the time between Bonzo's death and the ARMS show doing nothing but use heroin. Either way we're lucky he's still around!

It's interesting, but I think if Bonzo survived Zeppelin would have eventually had a Stones-like existence, occasionally doing solo albums, then reforming for new music and tours. I think Plant was always more comfortable with the scenario of having his old buddy to counterbalance the two "professionals" from London. I sometimes wonder if he feels he would have a Page/Jones "voting bloc" against him if the band ever reformed...

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The article is essentially a personal attack on Jimmy Page under the pretext of 'alternate history'. The author is not a fan of the band, his musical tastes are listed elsewhere on the website, and his lack of knowledge shows. Maybe dazedcat would like an alternate history article written about him being found dead, no?

You know, I was totally bored and was sorting through my posts here for the last year or so and I missed this intellectual response to the alt history story I unfortunately posted here.

Congratulations Meg, you win. You're the very very very BEST Zep fan. Ok?

It must be terrific to be superior. Maybe in my next lifetime.......after the find me dead some day.

Good grief.

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It's really odd that you posted this. I was on YouTube watching a 1983 video of Robert Plant... which I just had to post in the YouTube section here... and as I was watching it I kept thinking... could Led Zeppelin have survived the 1980's?

Now before anyone gets all up in arms you have to realize the drastic change the early 80's were... Duran Duran - Flock Of Seagulls - Culture Club - Adam Ant... these were the bands that were big in the early 80's. Where would Zeppelin have fit in?

I know, I know... other bands made it through that period... {Stones/Who etc.} but it would have been a very different Zeppelin. I know from Live Aid and Atlantic's 40th that the following for Zeppelin was still massive... but it makes me wonder what the music would have been like?

As far as the link you provided I am glad that Jimmy is still with us. Reading a What If Bonham Had Lived thing was kind of a downer to find out they killed off Jimmy so soon. I found it a bit laughable that the article had Robert and Jonesy thinking of kicking Jimmy out.

Ah well... things happened for a reason. All we can do is enjoy the great music they shared with us while they were around.

I have the same thought, I think they would have survived if they reinvented themselves, look at all the bands that have survived the trends ove the years and go longer than say 15 years etc.

Yes - Prog rock, yet they changed the sound in the 80's yet somehow still retained the prog element, you knew it was Yes but different. By the time the mid 90's came they reverted back to the classic sounding Yes once the minefield of the 80's had passed and were in a more non blinkered music public of the 90's.

Queen - I think we would agree there is 70's classic Queen and 80's again changed the music but still you knew it was Queen.

U2 - have survived and re invented many times over the years and again still sounding as they do.

The Stones only toured at the beginning of the 80's and at the end, thus agin staying out of it while the New Romantics had their 5 mins in the sun.

Zeppelin as such were at the start of reinventing themselves in 1980 with their stripped down show, shorter numbers, cutting the excessive over playing of numbers which at times did get tiresome, they were keeping it sharp, short and fresh on the "Over Europe Tour". If they had played like that toured a little less say after the 1981 tour of the states if it had happened, not do another record untill say 87/88 ish when rock was shaving ( :) shaving, I mean having)a good comback with Whitesnake,leppard etc, if Zeppelin did a stripped down vibrant record..they would have survived the 80's and then like Yes go back to writing epics and longer numbers when the less blinkered public wanted old skool stuff.

.Anyway it didn't happen........hey ho.

I took that photo you have as your sig <_<

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