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Album Survivor game - LEAST favorite

Album Survivor game - LEAST favorite  

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  1. 1. What is your LEAST favorite LZ album

    • I
    • II
    • III
    • IV
    • Houses of the Holy
    • Physical Graffiti
    • Presence
    • In Through the Out Door

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Seen this done on a few other band sites/forums.

Pick one, then poll will close and we'll move on to the next round.

If it's been done before, fuggedaboutit, I'll close it.

So, least favorite and why ?

I'm going with I - I got into Zep around the time of TSRTS and the I/II era just seemed a million miles away from what they had moved on to. Plus I was never a huge Blues fan.

Coda/Live albums not included, Coda because it was posthumous, and live albums, because, well, they're live albums.

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There's no reason to be sad. It's just a game.

What can I say? I have no life :P

And my favorite album (Presence) is not doing well ...

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Presence barely edges out ITTOD for my least favorite. I look at it this way: Presence has 2 great songs (ALS and NFBM) and a bunch of average songs; ITTOD has 4 great songs (AML, FITR, ITE, Carouselabra), one bad song (Hot Dog) and a couple average songs. That's just my opinion.cool.gif

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