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"zosto AO sum peace man" 4 it is very hippie


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in Macedonian "zosto" is WHY or if considered as "oti" then BECAUSE in American

AO in dedanoe's dictionary is "the letter A with the glory O" = "slOvOtO A AsO slAvAtA O". A is symbol for infinity spiral and O is symbol for permanent torus so it is certain way of saying A to the O as O to the A where A is alpha and O is Omega.

in Macedonian "sum" is AM in American

and American "peace man" in Macedonian (by voice) is "literate = able to write"

was this the message you scrambled in those four symbols Zeppelin?

hippie is happy and happy is holy



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This guy is so way beyond you all, i can see why you are scared and want to call security. :blink:

But there is no need, he has complicated everything so much that it seems fearful for you to try to comprehend what his message is, and it is the message that has fcuked up man from the beginning of time, and that is?

"What man cannot comprehend he worships"

I'll let you in to the secret that he is hiding from you all,

"Simplicity is God" "Evil is Complicated"


"Yin and Yang Rule the Universe"

I hope that makes you feel a lot safer. ;)

Retards, Danny

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Me think's it's one man's go at making thing's different in his own way. It's cool I reckon but, standardization has really made life much easier. And infinity is nothing more than infinity, it equals nothing but continues movement and can never stop or be equaled to any thing else. We must have some thing in the world of math and physics that goes on and on and never stop's.

Codes are great for computer's but may cause trouble for man. ;)

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Someone's not been taking the medication or I am not fluent in klingon. :blink:

You're not wrong Cecil, when you mix Acid, Magic Mushrooms and Peyote anything can happen to the unwary mind. :o

As for talking Klingon, well this "Pa-Tak" can speak Gibberish as his first let alone his second language. ;)

Regards, Danny

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Pardon me for asking, but what is this about?? What are trying to get across unsure.gif

OK, I think I understand what the poster is trying to say, so I will try to translate.

He is asking about the meaning of the band's four symbols, and he is seeing a correlation between the symbols, his native Macedonian language (dedanoe's language) and its English translation.

For example, ZoSo, or the Macedonian Zosto, means "why", Zostoti, means "because". So, he is asking, does Jimmy's symbol ask the question "why" or answer "because"?

Robert's symbol is the "peace man" to him, which means "able to write" in Macedonian. (The feather is like a writing quill.)

The A looks like the symbol of infinity. And he calls the O a permanent torus, or revolving three-dimensional circles, also representing infinity. I am not sure if that is Bonzo's or JPJ's symbol to him. Probably JPJ's as it looks like he is going in order, and you can kind of see that JPJ's symbol looks like A's and O's. He is wondering if the symbol refers to Alpha and Omega, the beginning to the end and the end to the beginning, to infinity.

Sum means "am" in English, as in "I am". It's probably Bonzo's symbol, the sum of the circles?

If you think about it, he is being very insightful here in his interpretations. What he is saying is just getting lost in the translation to English. He is looking for a philosophical meaning.

So, if you put the symbols together as a group, are they contemplating the meaning of life, such as "Why am I (we, the band) here, and how do the songs that we have written stand up to all time for infinity?" I think that this is the meaning that he is interpreting from the symbols, and he is asking the question if that is the meaning that the band intended when they choose their symbols. "Why" "I am" "able to write" for "infinity"??? Or just simply, Jimmy is "Why/Because", JPJ is "infinity", Bonzo is "I am", and Robert is "able to write", as represented by their symbols. Makes sense to me.

This is just my take on what he is saying. It may be wrong. Probably is, LOL.

Edited to say, I have no idea what "Hippie is happy and happy is holy" means. slapface.gif I think that BIGDAN has a great explanation for it.

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Edited to say, I have no idea what "Hippie is happy and happy is holy" means. slapface.gif I think that BIGDAN has a great explanation for it.

Hi Doc,


Happy=Has a Joint


I hope that helps.

Kind Regards, Danny

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A to the O as O to the A is very significant to ME because just as there is material food which once consumed enables us to do physical work so there is spiritual food which enables us to do intellectual work. now, what perpetuum mobile machinery is in the material (physical) world that is the slOvOtO_A_AsO_slAvAtA_O (in english: the letter A with the glory O). now you all have heard about AI.KI.DO that is the method (do) for harmonization and coordination (ai) of the spirit (ki) and in it the one that is practicing it over another is relying on its skeleton say to fix his arm so once the arm is fixed even the most little force applied in the fixed center becomes lethal. the question is: the tongue, the brain the penis etc. are organs that don't have bones so how do you band them? you are noticing that straight words demand curvature in tongue among the teeth... won't then curved words in reverse direction alter the one's brain accordingly? that is exactly the point of my first innovation entitled "energy generator based on different dielectrics" or shortly "information twister" for which i won silver placket on MAKINOVA Fair Of Innovations held in Skopje Macedonia October 2000. i am practicing in very often and most of the time folks say it is part of my paranoid schizophrenia psycho disorder (i am like a samurai: i strike from front and the attack is penetrating at no resistance in the back then i pull back the attack from the rear and doom-doom you are defeated in the center).

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