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Priory Of Brion

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Anyone out there hear these guys?

For the uninitiated, Priory Of Brion was a partial reunion of the Band Of Joy, Robert's 1967 band. They started shortly after the end of the Page/Plant 1998 tour and played for a couple of years, doing covers of 60's acts. They also recorded official studio versions of "Evil Woman" and "Morning Dew". Guitarist Kevyn Gammond ("Carlisle Egypt") was from the Band Of Joy as well. They played some really moody versions of several well known songs.

They were totally different from Strange Sensation to say the least. I liked their shows myself.

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Yes I saw them and really enjoyed it !!

2000 The Clubs Tour

Priory of Brion

3rd May 2000 / Planet K / Manchester

This was Plant with a few old mates like Kevin Gammond who was in the "Band of Joy" with Plant in the 60's, playing the clubs of England under the moniker of The "Priory of Brion". This gig was one of his best as he seemed most relaxed. This was probably because he had just seen his footy team Wolves play I think up at Bolton, thus we had to wait untill nearly 11pm before he came on.

The songs were all covers of old fairly unkown songs, though Hey Joe and "We're Gonna Groove" which Zep played were the ones I knew. At times it got very off the wall with the guitarist Kevin Gammond(great player) playing extended jazzy guitar solos. It was great and a bit different.

Planet K seemed like a converted shop as it was tiny, which led to a great atmosphere.

I took the poster down from the wall and framed it at home !!




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