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Hi Charles,

I hope this message gets to you.

I haven't been on here for ages, probably more than a year now. We have lately kept in touch on Facebook and via email.

You always have been very nice to post lovely comments on my wall, always gracious to wish me a good day, making sure to inbox me Happy birthday and Merry Christmas cards. Then I haven't seen you there for a while. Last time I saw you was in that photo of you with the Saints. I still remember you were smiling, your good spirits, your feelings of hope... :)

Just a few days ago, a fellow Zep head and FB friend saw that I posted on your wall checking how you were doing and was very kind to inform about what was going.

Charles, I had tears when I heard those news. The last couple of days you have always been in my thoughts and prayers and still are. I don't want to believe it because you have been through all this with such strength, hope, courage and good spirits that it can only be admirable.

You always had a funny joke, a laugh, a positive comment despite all what was happening to you! I always remember you as one of the bravest, funniest and positive people I have ever known.

I am very saddened by all this and the latest events just leave me speechless. I just want to let you know that my friendship feelings and sincere affection for you will always be there whatever happens.

I will always remember you as a special friend even though we have never met. There were times when I was hoping some day you could make it to see me and Slave to Zep here in Australia..... :)

My prayers, hope and thoughts go to you, dear Charles

Much love, my friend



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I wasn't close to Dzldoc but, I've seen his posts around the boards in the years that I've been coming and going off again and on again. And having read this thread I too would like to offer prayers to him and his family.

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