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Roger Waters


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Animals too.

Yes, Animals was a Waters album too. But the songs were worked on by the Floyd for a couple of years, during concerts, before being put on an album. So in writing credits it was all Waters (except for Dogs with Dave), but you can tell the music is more a band effort as Pink Floyd than The Wall or The Final Cut ever were. Just my opinion.

Got my tickets for the 16th of November @ Tampa.

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Its been a long time, can't wait for the shows, The Wall was an important album back in my youth so to see it live will be cool. I have a friend who was just old enough and saw the original Earls Court gig in 1980.

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<<Pink Floyd reunion thwarted by David Gilmour, claims Roger Waters

"My one disappointment with the original rock'n'roll show that we did, and to some extent with the movie as well, there weren't many laughs in it," Waters said. "

"The Wall" had no laughs? That's either got to be him taking the piss, or he, well...he pretty much has to be taking the piss.

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I was lucky enough to see them during the Animals tour, best concert still to date, never saw Zep, just Page & Plant.

I have no interest in seeing him without Floyd, although The Wall to me is their best effort, that was clearly all Roger. While he gets his band to sound similar, it's not the same, don't care much for his solo stuff.

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Really does sound very floydian!


Smell The Roses (Lyrics)


There's a mad dog pulling at his chain

A hint of danger in his eye

Alarm bells raging round his brain

And the chimney's broken in the sky


Wake up

Wake up and smell the roses

Close your eyes and pray this wind don't change

There's nothing but screams in the field of dreams

Nothing but hope at the end of the road

Nothing but gold in the chimney smoke

Come on honey it's real money


This is the room where they make the explosives

Where they put your name on the bomb

Here's where they bury the buts and the ifs

And scratch out words like right and wrong


Wake up

Wake up and smell the phosphorus

This is the room we keep a human heir

Don't ask don't tell it couldn't be lost for us

Little less cash in the stash in the cupboard

At the bottom of the stair

Money honey


Wake up

Wake up and smell the bacon

Run your greasy fingers through her hair

This is the life that you have taken


[Verse 3]

Just a line in the captain's log

Just a whine from a resident dog

Another kid didn't make the grade

Come on honey it's a fair trade


[Chorus 4]

Wake up

Wake up and smell the roses

Throw a photo on the funeral pyre

Now we can forget the threat she poses

Girl you know you couldn't get much higher



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I highly recommend anyone who is debating whether or not to see Roger Waters on his current tour to go. Of the five times I have seen him here in the Phoenix area since 2000, his show here last night was the best.



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