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todays "insider info" is tomorrows "soundboard that hath no name"

which the internet dorks held aloft just to wield some imaginary "power of zep exclusivity"

then it kinda blew anyways a no one would admit "the fonz had no clothes"

it will come out i spose.......who knew we;d come out with a couple of versions of the crunge.........and now everyone just pisses and moans cuz roberts voice is off here n there (i don't care)

i keep asking for it(chicago 75),,,,,,,it will come out sometime within the next 4 or 5 boards............year and a half or so i'm thinking

things aren't really all that secret...........

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Oh, I wasn't knocking Downtime for his question, it's perfectly valid...but I'm sure there are members here in cahoots one way or the other with the bootleggers who don't like to talk about these things out loud- and you're exactly right, Ron- that "we know something YOU don't know" mindset permeates the Zep live music community. That's something I've noticed as an observer, not an active participant. They know what tapes they're sitting on, but good business sense dictates you don't want to flood the market. I found it surprising we got three or four 1975 soundboards in something like six months last year. And all so they can sell their 1000 $350 "Limited editions" ultimately so that tons of people can download the thing for free once somebody who actually owns it uploads it online.

The Chicago shows are a bit of a Grail for their rare setlists. That and the audience tapes aren't the greatest. The January 22(?) that popped up out of the blue last year is okay, but they'd already ditched "Levee", making either the January 20 show or the uncirculating 21st the ones to get. And, crappy sound aside, I enjoy those January 20/22 shows- Plant's voice hadn't deteriorated as badly as it would and Page holds his own despite his broken finger. I find Robert's voice for the rest of the first leg of the tour (up to St Louis) damned hard to listen to. IMO they should have postponed the gigs until their singer could sing again, but that was probably out of the question.

I keep hearing about supposed soundboards for March 21st in Seattle as being imminent. I take any and all these rumours with a pinch of salt. Personally I wouldn't bother with it for the same reason I wasn't interested in the last few '75 SBD's to come out- perfectly happy with my audience recordings.

My ears only perk up re: bootlegs when it's a new, previously uncirculated show that's coming down the pike. YMMV. And we haven't had that for a while...that's what I'm waiting for, whatever it is...

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According to the timeline, 'Levee' was also performed on the 21st. There is 14 minutes of amateur film from this show. The end of the set list goes like this: Wanton Song / No Quarter / When the Levee Breaks / Trampled underfoot / Moby Dick / How Many More Times / Stairway / Whole Lotta Love / Black Dog

On the film, it goes: No Q / Trampled / Moby / HMMT / WLL / Black Dog

So, he films the song BEFORE Levee and the song AFTER Levee, BUT NOT LEVEE ITSELF!!! All together now: AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGhhhhhhhh!!!! :o

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I can live without hearing another 75 version of Levee, soundboard or not. I don't really enjoy hearing my favourite tunes butchered, not even by the original artists!

What a shame they didn't play it in 71 or 72, back when RP could still SING....

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