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What are the best Led Zep boots out there?

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For videos I'd reccomend :

Knebworth 04/08/1979 : "Past, present & future" from Empress Valley. There is also a matrix by bluecongo and Winston that's really good if you'd rather have that.

Earl's Court 25/05/1975: "Demand unprecented in the history of rock music".

I've been out of the loop for a while so I'm not sure on the Earl's Court one. However I think that's the still the definitive version

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It's debatable which versions are best since they use the same shots and audio half the time. If they use a different audio source or clean up the existing one by removing hiss then its worth it. Otherwise your getting the same recycled BS.

Well of course the audio and video is the same, but the quality varies alot. When "Demand Unprecented" was released in 2007 it was a gigantic upgrade to what was available before. I can guarantee that the releases I mentioned are top-notch in quality.

Btw, if you just want an audio version of Knebworth 4th, try weedwacker's 30th anniversary edition, it's fantastic. :stereo:

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