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Studio days

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Here's a partial list of JP's studio work-recently provided by the one and only Nech over at FBO-

1/2/1963 "Diamonds"/"Hully Gully" Jet Harris and Tony Meehan Decca F 11563

2/27/1963 "Trouble is My Middle Name"/"Let the Good Times Roll" Brook Brothers Pye 7N 15498

6/12/1963 "Sweet and Tender Romance"/"Who Told You?" Carter-Lewis and the Southerners Oriole CB 1835

6/12/1963 "Mr. Porter"/"Yes Indeed I Do" Mickie Most Decca F 11664

6/26/1963 "Hello Josephine"/"Road Runner" Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders Fontana TF 404

6/26/1963 "Dance On"/"Playboy" Kathy Kirby Decca F 11682

7/10/1963 "The Worryin' Kind"/Come to Me" Brian Howard and the Silhouettes Columbia DB 7067

7/17/1963 "A Little Bit of Something Else"/"Get a Load of This" Neil Christian and the Crusaders Columbia DB 7075

8/15/1963 "That's What I Want"/"Hey, What'd You Say" Marauders Decca F 11695

8/15/1963 "I Do"/"Don't You Dig This Kinda Beat" Chris Ravel and the Ravers Decca F 11696

9/18/1963 "Please Believe Me"/"Angie" Gregory Phillips Pye 7N 15546

9/25/1963 "The Feminine Look"/"Shame on You Boy" Mickie Most Columbia DB 7117

10/24/1963 "Your Momma's Out of Town"/"Somebody Told My Girl" Carter-Lewis and the Southeners Oriole CB 1919

11/1/1963 "Secret Love"/"You Have to Want to Touch Him" Kathy Kirby Decca F 11759

11/15/1963 "Blowing Wild"/"Crazy Dreams" Houston Wells and the Marksmen Parlophone R 5069

11/15/1963 "Country Boy"/"Long Tall Jack" Heinz Decca F 11768

11/22/1963 "Not Too Little - Not Too Much"/"I'm Lookin'" Chris Sandford Decca F 11778

11/29/1963 "Love Hit Me"/"Don't Make Me Mad" Orchids Decca F 11785

12/6/1963 "Talkin' Bout You"/"Come on Girl" Redcaps Decca F 11965

12/13/1963 "Sea Cruise"/"It's a Little Bit Hot" Mickie Most Columbia DB 7180

12/13/1963 "Roll Over Beethoven"/"Is It Love?" Pat Wayne with the Beachcombers Columbia DB 7182

1/3/1964 "Come on Let's Go"/"Pop the Whip" Wayne Gibson and the Dynamic Sounds Decca F 11800

1/3/1964 "My Baby Left Me"/"Hoochie Coochie Man" Dave Berry Decca F 11803

1/17/1964 "I Can Tell"/"Sweet Little Baby" Zephyrs Columbia DB 7199

1/24/1964 "Candy Man"/"I Wish I Could Dance" Brain Poole and the Tremeloes Decca F 11823

1/31/1964 "It Must be Love"/"Say Girl" Sheffields Pye 7N 15600

2/14/1964 "Let Me Go, Lover"/"Sweetest Sounds" Kathy Kirby Decca F 11832

3/6/1964 "One Fine Day"/"It's Gonna Happen Soon" Shel Naylor Decca F 11856

3/13/1964 "I've Got That Feeling"/"Larry" Orchids Decca F 11861

3/20/1964 "Once In a While"/"Poor Poor Plan" The Brooks Decca F 11868

3/20/1964 "Money Honey"/"That's Alright" Mickie Most and the Gear Columbia DB 7245

3/20/1964 "Little Child"/"Never a Mention" Jackie Lynton Pye 7N 35177

3/27/1964 "Got My Mojo Working"/"Beautiful Dreamer" Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers Parlophone R 5119

3/27/1964 "Skinny Minnie"/"Easy to Cry" Carter-Lewis and the Southerners Oriole CB 1919

4/17/1964 "Shout"/"Forget Me Baby" Lulu and the Luvers Decca F 11884

4/17/1964 "Pills"/"Hush Your Mouth" Mickey Finn and the Blue Men Oriole CB 1927

4/24/1964 "I Will"/"Nothin' Shakin' (But the Leaves on the Trees)" Billy Fury Decca F 11888

4/24/1964 "Hooked"/"Back in the U.S.A." Brian Howard and the Silhouettes Fontana TF 464

4/24/1964 "She's My Girl"/"Wonderful You" Bobby Shafto Parlophone R 5130

5/8/1964 "Apple Blossom Time"/"I Don't Want to Tell You Again" Pickwicks Decca F 11901

5/15/1964 "Hold Me"/"The Tips of My Fingers" P.J. Proby Decca F 11904

5/15/1964 "Putty in Your Hands"/"One Fine Day" Jean and the Statesides Columbia DB 7287

5/22/1964 "Alright Baby"/"Love You All Over Again" Quotations Decca F 11907

5/22/1964 "Honey Hush"/"One for the Money" Christian's Crusaders Columbia DB 7289

6/12/1964 "Baby What's Wrong"/"Be a Sect Maniac" Downliners Sect Columbia DB 7300

6/19/1964 "Reelin' and Rockin'"/"I Still Want You" Mickey Finn and the Blue Men Oriole CB 1940

6/19/1964 "Something's Got a Hold on Me"/"Hello Stranger" Elkie Brooks Decca F 11928

6/26/1964 "Tobacco Road"/"I Like It Like That" Nashville Teens Decca F 11930

7/17/1964 "The Crying Game"/"Don't Give Me No Lip Child" Dave Berry Decca F 11937

7/17/1964 "It's Only Make Believe"/"Baby What You Want Me to Do" Billy Fury Decca F 11939

7/21/1964 "Heart of Stone" Rolling Stones, The Decca

7/24/1964 "Bye Bye Baby"/"She's Fallen in Love with the Monster Man" Screaming Lord Sutch Oriole CB 1944

7/31/1964 "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright"/"Anytime at All" Fairies Decca F 11943

8/14/1964 "Twelve Steps to Love"/"Don't Cry" Brian Poole and the Tremeloes Decca F 11951

8/14/1964 "Kelly"/"See You Later Alligator" Wayne Gibson and the Dynamic Sounds Pye 7N 15680

8/21/1964 "Walk Around"/"Here's Another Day" Mudlarks Fontana TF 495

8/21/1964 "You're Old Enough"/"Hello Lady" Pickwicks Decca F 11957

8/28/1964 "Is It True"/"What'd I Say" Brenda Lee Brunswick 05915

8/28/1964 "Can't Hear You No More/"I Am in Love" Lulu Decca F 11965

8/28/1964 "Together"/"Sweet and Tender Romance" P.J. Proby Decca F 11967

8/28/1964 "Young Love"/"The Rise of the Brighton Surf" Bo and Peep Decca F 11968

9/4/1964 "I'll Cry Instead"/"Those Precious Words" Joe Cocker Decca F 11974

9/4/1964 "Stirs Me Up"/"Keep Your Hand Out of My Pocket" Otis Spann Decca F 11972

9/25/1964 "Walk Tall"/"Only the Heartaches" Val Doonican Decca F 11982

10/2/1964 "The Twelfth of Never"/"I'm Afraid to Go Home" Cliff Richard Columbia DB 7372

10/9/1964 "A Certain Girl"/"Leave My Kitten Alone" First Gear Pye 7N 15703

10/9/1964 "Now We're Thru"/"There Are Some" Poets Decca F 11995

10/9/1964 "Google Eye"/"T.N.T." Nashville Teens Decca F 11200

10/23/1964 "Dracula's Daughter"/"Come Back Baby" Screaming Lord Sutch Oriole CB 1962

10/23/1964 "Bald Headed Woman"/"I Just Can't Get to Sleep" Sneekers Columbia DB 7385

10/30/1964 "Downtown"/"You'd Better Love Me" Petula Clark Pye 7N 15722

10/30/1964 "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl"/"I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town" Rod Stewart Decca F 11996

10/30/1964 "Terry"/"The Boy of My Dreams" Twinkle Decca F 12013

11/6/1964 "Skinny Minnie"/"Now I Know" Beat Chics Decca F 12016

11/6/1964 "Here Comes the Night"/"That's Really Some Good" Lulu Decca F 12017

11/6/1964 "Baby Please Don't Go"/"Gloria" Them Decca F 12018

11/6/1964 "Help Me"/"Let Them Tell" Primitives Pye 7N 15721

11/13/1964 "Don't Turn Your Back on Me"/"Be Good Baby" Jackie De Shannon Liberty LIB 10175

11/13/1964 "We'll Sing in the Sunshine"/"Was She Tall" Lancastrians Pye 7N 15732

11/13/1964 "One Heart Between Two"/"You're Gonna Need Somebody" Dave Berry Decca F 12020

11/20/1964 "I've Been Watching You"/"Sugar Baby" Jimmy Powell Pye 7N 15735

11/20/1964 "Heatwave" Lulu Decca DFE 8597

11/27/1964 "Sweet and Tender Romance"/"That Lonely Feeling" McKinleys Parlophone R 5211

12/11/1964 "Zing Went the Strings of My Heart"/"Stagger Lee"/"Linda Lu" P.J. Proby Liberty LEP 2192

1/1/1965 "I'm Lost Without You"/"You Better Believe It" Billy Fury Decca F 12048

1/8/1965 "You Said"/"How Do You Feel" Primitives Pye 7N 15755

1/8/1965 "Skin Deep"/"Zoom, Widge & Wag" Bobby Graham Fontana TF 521

1/8/1965 "The Special Years"/"Travelling Home" Val Doonican Decca F 12049

1/8/1965 "Little by Little"/"I Took My Baby Home" Pickwicks Warner Bros. WB 151

1/15/1965 "To Wait for Love"/"Behind My Smile" Paul Anka RCA Victor RCA 1434

1/22/1965 "The 'In' Crowd"/"Gotta Make Their Future Bright" First Gear Pye 7N 15763

1/22/1965 "It's Not Unusual"/"To Wait for Love (Is to Waste Your Life Away" Tom Jones Decca F 12062

2/5/1965 "Come and Stay with Me"/"What Have I Done Wrong" Marianne Faithfull Decca F 12075

2/12/1965 "Silhouettes"/"Can't You Hear My Heartbeat" Herman's Hermits Columbia DB 7475

2/12/1965 "Diggin' My Potatoes"/"She Ain't Comin' Back" Heinz and the Wild Boys Columbia DB 7482

3/5/1965 "I Pity the Fool"/"Take My Tip" Manish Boys Parlophone R 5250

3/12/1965 "Little Things"/"I've Got a Tiger by the Tail" Dave Berry Decca F 12103

3/12/1965 "This Sporting Life"/"Night Comes Down" Mickey Finn Columbia DB 7510

3/19/1965 "Get Yourself Home"/"I'll Dance" Fairies HMV POP 1404

4/2/1965 "I'm Gonna Get There Somehow"/"Where Can I Find Her" Val Doonican Decca F 12118

4/2/1965 "I've Got My Tears to Remind Me"/"I Found Out" Doug Gibbons Decca F 12122

4/9/1965 "After a While"/"You Know" Brian Poole and the Tremeloes Decca F 12124

4/16/1965 "Satisfied"/"Surprise Surprise" Lulu Decca F 12128

4/16/1965 "Leaves Come Tumbling Down"/"Come My Way" Judi Smith Decca F 12132

4/23/1965 "Masters of War"/"Castin' My Spell" Talismen Stateside SS 408

4/30/1965 "Try to Forget Me"/"Little Surfer Girl" Kenny ansd Denny Decca F 12139

5/14/1965 "What the World Needs Now is Love"/"Be Good Baby" Jackie De Shannon Liberty LIB 10202

5/14/1965 "Just Like in the Movies"/"Get Along Without You" Phillippa Lewis Decca F 12152

5/21/1965 "Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind"/"I Want to be Alone" Vashti Decca F 12157

5/28/1965 "Each and Every Day"/"There You Go" Thee Decca F 12163

5/28/1965 "It Hurts Me When I Cry"/"Everybody Knows" Sean Buckley and the Breadcrumbs Stateside SS 421

6/18/1965 "Jack O'Diamonds"/"Right Behind You" Ben Carruthers and the Deep Parlophone R 5295

6/18/1965 "I'll Go Crazy"/"My Baby Is Gone" Untamed Stateside SS 431

6/25/1965 "Let the Water Run Down"/"I Don't Want to Hear It Anymore" P.J. Proby Liberty LIB 10206

7/2/1965 "Pretty Little Girl"/"I Don't Wanna Be Hurt No More" Majority Decca F 12186

7/2/1965 "This Strange Effect"/"Now" Dave Berry Decca F 12188

7/10/1965 "The Monkey Time"/"Chocolate Rolls, Tea and Monopoly" Golden Apples of the Sun, The Decca F 12194

7/10/1965 "I Want Candy"/"Love Me Baby" Brian Poole and the Tremeloes Decca F 12197

8/17/1965 "Choker", "Draggin' My Tail", "Snake Drive", and "West Coast Idea" John Mayall with Eric Clapton Immediate

8/19/1965 "Bells of Rhymney"/"Just Like Anyone Would Do" Fifth Avenue Immediate IM 002

8/19/1965 "The Last Mile"/"I'm Not Sayin'" Nico Immediate IM 003

8/20/1965 "Keep on Doing It"/"Song We Sang Last Summer" Outsiders Decca F 12213

8/27/1965 "Down in the Boondocks"/"That's the One" Gregory Phillips Immediate IM 004

9/3/1965 "She Belongs to Me"/"Taken My Love" Masterminds Immediate IM 005

9/22/1965 "The Monkey Time"/"Chocolate Rolls, Tea and Monopoly" Golden Apples of the Sun, The Immediate IM 010

9/22/1965 "I'm Your Witchdoctor"/"Telephone Blues" John Mayall with Eric Clapton Immediate IM 012

9/24/1965 "It's Good News Week"/"Afraid of Love" Hedgehoppers Anonymous Decca F 12241

10/1/1965 "Gotta Get Away"/"You Don't Care" Val Lenton Immediate IM oo8

10/15/1965 "Someday"/"(We're) Wastin' Time" Jimmy Tarbuck Immediate IM 018

10/22/1965 "A Lifetime of Loneliness"/"I Remember the Boy" ? Jackie De Shannon Liberty LIB 12019

11/1/1965 "What I Say" Eddy Mitchell French n/a

11/5/1965 "Moondreams"/"Wait for Me" Les Fleurs de Lys Immediate IM 020

11/12/1965 "Mystic Eyes"/"If You and I Could Be as Two" Them Decca F 12281

11/12/1965 "Mary Anne"/"Like Grains of Yellow Sands" Glyn Johns Immediate IM 013

11/19/1965 "You Were on My Mind"/"What I'm Gonna Be" Crispian St. Peters Decca F 12287

11/19/1965 "To Whom It Concerns"/"It's All Up to You Now" Chris Andrews Decca F 22285

12/1/1965 "N-E-R-V-O-U-S" and "Sugar Baby" Ian Whitcomb French Capitol EAP 1-22004

1/14/1966 "Will You Follow Me"/"Head Death" Paul Polydor BN 56045

1/21/1966 "You're So Good to Me"/"Can't Go Home Anymore My Love" Factotums Immediate IM 033

1/21/1966 "Call Me"/"After You" Lulu Decca F 12326

1/28/1966 "Good Hard Rock"/"High Blood Pressure" Ian Whitcomb Capitol CL 15431

1/28/1966 "The World Keeps Going Round"/"Not the Same Anymore" Lancastrians Pye 7N 17043

2/11/1966 "So Much in Love"/"Our Soul Brother TH" Charles Dickens Immediate IM 025

2/25/1966 "Teensville"/"Grotty Drums" Bobby Graham Fontana TF 667

3/11/1966 "Call My Name"/"Bring 'Em on In" Them Decca F 12355

3/25/1966 "Circles"/"So Come On" Les Fleurs de Lys Immediate IM 032

3/25/1966 "The Pied Piper"/"Sweet Dawn, My True Love" Crispian St. Peters Decca F 12359

5/20/1966 "Sittin' on a Fence"/Baby I Want You" Twice as Much Immediate IM 033

6/17/1966 "Out of Time"/"Baby Make It Soon" Chris Farlowe Immediate IM 035

7/29/1966 "Give Me Your Word"/"She's So Far Out She's In" Billy Fury Decca F 12459

7/29/1966 "I Don't Want You"/"If I Had You Baby" Mickey Finn Polydor BM 56 719

8/12/1966 "The Elf"/"Turn Into Earth" Al Stewart Decca F 12467

8/19/1966 "Step out of Line"/"Simplified" Twice as Much Immediate IM 036

8/19/1966 "I Tried"/"I Can't Quit You Baby" Savoy Brown Blues Band Purdah 45-3503

9/2/1966 "You Must Be the One"/"Why Treat Me This Way" Tommy Vance Columbia DB 7999

9/5/1966 Mord und Totschlag (A Degree of Murder). Brian Jones Epic

9/22/1966 "Magic Rocking Horse"/"It Ain't Right" Pinkerton's Assorted Colours Decca F 12493

10/7/1966 "Time Drags"/"La La La Song" Cliff Richard Columbia DB 8017

11/4/1966 "Paint it Black" on The Art of Chris Farlowe Chris Farlowe Immediate IMLP 006

11/25/1966 "It's Not Easy"/"Mary, Mary" Normie Rowe Polydor BM 56132

11/25/1966 "Shapes in My Mind"/"Blue Sands" Keith Relf Columbia DB 8084

12/2/1966 "Sunshine Superman"/"The Trip" Donovan Pye 7N 17241

1/27/1967 "Ooh La La"/"Ain't Nobody Home" Normie Rowe Polydor BM 56144

3/10/1967 "Hi Ho Silver Lining"/"Beck's Bolero" Jeff Beck Columbia DB 8151

4/7/1967 "Crystal Ball"/"Why Don't They All Go and Leave Me Alone" Twice as Much Immediate IM 042

5/12/1967 "Barrelhouse Woman"/"Under Your Hood" Champion Jack Dupree Decca F 12611

6/23/1967 "Moanin'"/"What Have I Been Doing" Chris Farlowe Immediate IM 056

8/4/1967 "The Last Time"/"Under My Thumb" Rolling Stones, The Track 604006

10/27/1967 "Love Loves to Love Love"/"You and I" Lulu Columbia DB 8295

12/1/1967 "Garden of My Mind"/"Time to Start Loving You" Mickey Finn Direction 58-3086

3/15/1968 "Marjorine"/"The New Age of Lily" Joe Cocker Regal Zonophone RZ 3006

5/21/1968 "Hurdy Gurdy Man"/"Teen Angel" Donovan Pye 7N 17537

7/25/1968 "Paint It Black"/"I Just Need Your Loving" Chris Farlowe Immediate IM 071

9/20/1968 "With a Little Help from My Friends"/"Something's Coming On" Joe Cocker Regal Zonophone RZ 3013

10/25/1968 "The Day That Lorraine Came Down"/"Mary Hopkins Never Had Days Like These" P.J. Proby Liberty LBF 15152

1/10/1969 "Knick Knack Man"/"A Penny for the Sun" Cartoone Atlantic 584 240

4/4/1969 "Way of Life"/"Throw It Away" Family Dogg, The Liberty BLL 1055

8/22/1969 "Hanging Down from Your Loving Tree"/"Empty Bottles" P.J. Proby Liberty LBF 15245

10/31/1969 "Today I Killed a Man"/"It's Too Good to Last" P.J. Proby Liberty LBF 15280

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Here's a partial list of JP's studio work-recently provided by the one and only Nech over at FBO-

9/18/1963 "Please Believe Me"/"Angie" Gregory Phillips Pye 7N 15546

8/27/1965 "Down in the Boondocks"/"That's the One" Gregory Phillips Immediate IM 004

Speaking of Gregory Phillips...

George Harrison's first composition as a Beatle taped and released by Gregory Phillips (guest appearance Jimmy Page on guitar)

Photo of Jimmy Page at left accompanied by the Presidentes (1964) at 0:35

Link to webpage featuring same photo at the-presidents.org.uk

This undated photograph shows a young Jimmy Page (left) playing with The Presidents' Tony Busson,

behind in the light sweater .

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"8/4/1967 "The Last Time"/"Under My Thumb" Rolling Stones, The Track 604006"

Are you sure about this? I'm not questioning the tracks, but the date seems to be off. I thought it was 1965 that the Stones recorded Last Time?

Or was this one of those Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestral versions?

I also seem to recall the Who recording versions of Last Time & Under My Thumb in 1967 in support of Mick & Keef's drug charges. Might it be The Who's versions that Pagey played on?

Anyway, besides all that, the above list is quite impressive...and I've only got about 2/3 of it...still tons for me to get a hold of.

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The entry for The Last Time/Under My Thumb is by The Who. They recorded both songs in 1967 as a tribute to the Stones.

However, neither Jimmy nor JPJ played on the songs. It's one of the many errors on Jimmy's sessionography.

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