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Well every year Pryor, Oklahoma (like...30 minutes away from me) has a huge Rock concert called "Rocklahoma". Are any of you going? I will post a link just to give you some info about what I am talking about.

Click Here!

The only artist I am interested in seeing is ZZ Top but I don't think it is worth it. :(

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Every year, in May, Columbus hosts Rock On The Range at the Columbus Crew Soccer Stadium.

My sons usually attend, but decided to pass it up this year, as the timing is not right with their exams and they weren't enthralled with the line up. Alot of metal bands, though, which they like. Slash is the headliner this year. ZZ Top did play there a couple of years ago.

Rock On The Range

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The organizers of Rocklahoma decided to change the bill this year due to diminishing returns. Year after year they would have two versions of LA Guns playing, two versions of Ratt playing, two versions of Kix playing, etc. I question why anyone would want to see one version of those bands much less two. Anyway, after the novelty, nostalgia, & joke of this train wreck wore off for most only devout hair metalers would continue to see this farce year after year among much smaller crowds. The organizers decided to keep some hair metal while trying to get other types guitar driven bands that would appeal to more people while not alienating the devout hair metalers completely.

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