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T. Rex


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When I was about fourteen they were the first band I got into and I still love them today.I don't think Marc Bolan has got the credit he should have got either as a writer or musician as some of their stuff is just timeless.Nice to see the band get a mention here.

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Got to admit I fell in love with T-Rex in the spring of `72 when Get It On was all the rage on A.M. radio.

From Telegram Sam to Jungle Face Jake, make no mistake.

Too bad his GF was a lousy driver.

Buckle up for saftey, buckle up!

Yeah, he had some crazy lyrics and most of his stuff sounds a little alike, but if it works for you, run with it.

Speaking of crazy lyrics, in Bang A Gong or Get It On, what does it mean when Marc B. sings,

Well, you're built like a car

You got a hubcap diamond star halo

You're built like a car, oh yeah

Your ass is as big as a bumper?

Just because your face looks like a hubcap, that doesn`t make you a big wheel?

Is it just me or did Slash get his style here?



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T.Rex certainly had their name dropped in quite a few songs by other folks :

"Do you remember Murray The K?

John Lennon, T. Rex

High energy too?"

- The Ramones

"But I drunk myself blind to sound of old T.Rex"

- The Who

"Oh man, I need TV when I got T. Rex"

- David Bowie/Mott The Hoople

"Well, I love TV

And I love T. Rex

I can see through your skin

I got X-ray spex"

- Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction

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Tony Visconti did wonders for Bolan in the studio.

I saw them in 1972.

Disappointing gig as they only played for 45 minutes, as opposed to Zeppelin 9 months earlier who played for 3 hours plus.

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