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Friedrich Nietzsche vs. John Locke (not the guy from Lost)

Hots on for nowhere

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Hi everyone! I know this is kind of a weird thing to ask on this website, but I figured I might find someone here that could help me.

I'm a junior in high school who is in the middle of my Juinor Research project (pretty big deal) and my teacher has just informed the class that we need at least 2 interviews in the project (yourself and someone else). I'm doing my project on Nietzsche and John Locke's (not the guy in Lost :slapface: . I'm talking about the famous philosopher) views on freedom and what "real" freedom is. Now if anyone could answer about 10 to 12 questions on each of those philosophers, and answer them with a knowledge of the two men's very interesting philosophys on freedom, it would be soooo helpful :) . If anyone could answer any questions I could email them to you if you gave me an email address or if you don't mind I could ask you right here. Obviously, no one has to do this, i completely understand if you don't want to, but if anyone could, it would be of great value to me, and I could never thank you enough :you_rock::you_rock::you_rock::thanku:

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