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This is my 2nd LZ wallpaper (1280x1024)


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I wanted to share my 2nd LZ wallpaper. I created this for my Win XP machine, screen resolution 1280x1024. I accounted for the space the taskbar takes up on the screen. I also "masked" the bottom 1/3 a bit more than the album covers above it because, at times, I end up with more folders, files, icons, shortcuts, etc. on my desktop than I'd like. When that happens, those items often obscure my wallpaper and it bugs me. Say what you will... ;-)

As with my previous wallpaper post, the same disclaimer applies: I am, at best, a graphics hobbyist. I am not a pro graphics designer. I'd appreciate it if folks would refrain from giving me a hard time if they don't like my "artwork." I'm only sharing because I spent the time to do this and thought someone else may like it too.

The bottom 1/3 of this wallpaper was pulled from a full size wallpaper. Credit for it goes to the website Taringa! The full size wallpaper is about 2/3 of the way down the page.



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