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bonham takes a shit on jimmy's girlfriend's shoes

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Source = Richard Cole

Evidence = none

One of the road crew mentioned in the Entourage thread claims it was him anyway.

I personally take EVERY ONE of Cole's lurid tales (recounted in the book he admits he wrote to make money) with a MASSIVE pinch of salt.

*spelling edit again

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I honestly believe there are a LOT more stories than whatever's appeared in the biographies...Robert often claims to not remember anything - which could be true, or his way of saying...he doesn't want to remember....

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The shoe was Montreal 73, according to Richard Cole's 'Stairway to Heaven', which is full of inaccuracies but is a good toilet read. Funnily enough, I was reading that part earlier today! It' wasn't JP's girlfriend - that was the handbag in Japan, see above.

Like I said, great bog-reading material. Just don't expect any insights.

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