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Restoring a Knabe Ampico piano player


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the other day I bought an old Knabe player piano for $75 it weighs 800 pounds so the guy charged me more than the initial $220 he charged me $40 more because it is the heaviest piano he's ever brought upstairs and he had to get an extra guy.

It's out of tune and I have to replace "shivals" of 4 hammers

and buy 1 hammer.

On the phone the guy said every key works LIAR!!!!!

Yah I should of went to check it out myself butt I don't have a car and that person lives out of metro and bus range and being the trusting individual I am I got suckered in.

Butt I found out yesterday that the parts I need sell for $5 each (shivels?) and a new hammer.

Once it's up and running it's worth at least $70,000

so it's my new project.

Rebuilding this piano is going to be fun, educational, and payoff big time. Good thing I trusted the guy when he said it works fine over the phone.

I called a piano restorer and he said for that piano to be fully refurbished it'd cost $45,000

... and by luck I found a webpage that shows you exactly how to rebuild the piano I own which oddly enough was put up the same day or just before I bought the piano as I was it's first visitor.


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