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So there are a few questions that I think some of you could help me with fairly easily.

1. What are some of the best shows that have 'The Ocean' on the playlist?

2. Does anyone know where I could find a copy of the March 17th 1975 Show in Seattle.

Thanks in advance.

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Google is our friend, most of the time you can type in exactly what you're trying to find.

Containing The Ocean:

1972-06-19 - Seattle------------great show, tape quality good

1972-06-25 - Los Angeles-----great show, tape quality very good

1973-06-02 - San Francisco---great show, tape quality good

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Thanks guys. I have used google to find shows, however I would rather ask some people who have already listened to them to verify their quality.

There are 20 recordings of The Ocean in concert. I will listen to all 20 and reply shortly with some to get.

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Of the 20, these are the ones I recommend:

1972.06.25 Inglewood, CA - Audience source or multi track source on "How the West Was Won"

1972.10.03 Tokyo, Japan - Audience source 1

1973.01.14 Liverpool, UK - Soundboard source.

1973.03.21 Hamburg, Germany - Audience source 2 (speed and pitch corrected version) [dadgad remaster]

1973.05.05 Tampa, FL - The "Cal" audience source. Either the unaltered version or the dadgad remaster.

1973.05.28 San Diego, CA - Soundboard source

1973.05.31 Inglewood, CA - Cobla Audience source

1973.06.02 San Francisco, CA - Both the SBD and AUD sources are good. Actually this is probably the best

audience source for any performances of "The Ocean."

1973.07.21 Providence, RI - Audience source

1973.07.27 New York, NY - Soundboard Source

1973.07.28 New York, NY - Soundboard Source

1973.07.29 New York, NY - Soundboard Source

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