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Kent State Shooting: 40 years ago today.


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Today is the 40th Anniversary of the National Guard shooting of four students at Kent State University in Ohio.

I was in junior high school at the time and I remember the turmoil that the country was in. Most colleges and universities experienced protests to the Vietnam War at the time. A lot of them were closed down for a period. Students took over the Administration buildings on campus, causing near riots. Alot of graduation ceremonies were cancelled, and diplomas were mailed to the students.

Kent State Shootings

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Thank you for posting this. I did remember the anniversary, and I have a college aged kid. I can't imagine...

Me, too. I can't imagine that you send your kids to college to get an education and they end up getting shot and killed as they walk across campus. Two of the ones who were killed were not involved in the protests, they were just walking to/from classes, from what I understand.

It's ironic that Ohio State has a building named Rhodes Hall, named after the governor of Ohio who ordered the National Guard troops on college campuses throughout Ohio to quell the protesting. He was despised on most campuses at the time.

Rhodes Hall at Ohio State

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