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Doobie Brothers


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Last Saturday I saw the Doobie Brothers at the Circus Maximus Theatre at Caesars Palace in Atlantic City. I honestly didn't know what to expect. I listened to them as a kid but haven't even really thought about them in years. I had no idea they were even playing but I was there for the weekend so what the hell.

I got lucky and someone gave me a free ticket. I was even luckier because I told him I would buy him a drink inside and he told me that it's a casino comp and that it comes with a free drink coupon!!! What a great guy.

It was eleventh row.

I was able to jump up to fifth row dead center as most of the row was empty.(I love seeing shows in casinos because many comp tickets given out don't show). I had my handy Sony HD cam ready and got the whole show.

I can't believe how rocking they were. I guess it's been way to long since I've heard Long Train Running, Taking it to the Streets, China Grove and of course, Black Water was just simply outstanding. These guys rocked really hard. I guess that's because Michael McDonald was not there. LOL.

John McFee played a pretty good slide guitar on one song. He also played violin on Black Water. Atlantic City moon won't you keep on shining on me!

There were several early band members including Pat Simmons, Guy Allison, Michael Hossack, Tom Johnston was on lead guitar and vocals, Mark Russo.

At this show it was only the Doobies and not Chicago but I'm probably going to go again in the summer as I enjoyed it that much.

Rock On!

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Glad you enjoyed !

Haven't seen them live in over 35yrs but hope to take in their show at the River Rock Casino this Aug.

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I saw them open up for Bad Company last year and was blown away how good they sounded. Also, the band consists of most of the original members so you are seeing the real deal (not one of these nostalgia acts where the bassist is the only original member left). The Doobies rock!

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