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Emma Russack


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I think she's very good and has that extra something to make it big. Some people say it's just because she's hot, but it's definitely more than that. She's got charisma!

She used to do acoustic cover versions of songs on youtube:

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Emma Russack’s debut album, Sounds of Our City comes as a surprise. Even after finding an audience through successful youtube covers and her 2010 EP, Peasants, the now Melbourne based singer-songwriter has had a relatively quiet buzz building towards the release of her first record. After to listening to this alluring album for the first time, you can’t help but ask yourself, why haven’t I heard of this girl before?


An even bigger surprise that Russack brings with her LP, is that it sounds nothing like what you’d expect from a debut album. There are no hints of immaturity or lack of focus, if anything the album is so complete and sure of itself that you’re suspect of thinking that Emma is far older than she actually is.

Tonight ushers in a delicate and subtle style of folk and blues which carries throughout the whole album. It precipitates an effect which lures the listener into falling for her haunting, yet fascinating voice. Her lyrics are intimately spun, a trait which brings forth a relatability as the pain her ex brings is discernible when she sings, “Everythings been said now, I’m leaving you” on Friends Not Lovers.

“When you’re living in this city, winter stays much too long, where day feels like a lifetime and everything seems wrong”, Colombia sees Russack wishing for an out of Melbourne’s colder months and back to a time when she travelled South America. You get the feeling that Emma doesn’t hold much back in her songwriting. Add this to the way she constructs her music with an eloquent poignancy and it’s hard to not wrap yourself in her songs such as the hurt felt on I’m a Fool and the feeling of disconnection on No Pets where she confesses, “I don’t have pets cause I can’t let them in, I don’t have people cause I won’t set them free”.

Lead single, He Was My Family was the right choice to show the world the tenderness of her work. This Love closes with a beautiful instrumental segment, not only showcasing the Melbourne musicians who helped her record the album, but allowing a distinctive piece of art a fitting ending.

If you can fall for what Emma Russack has created, then you will realise there is no weak point on Sounds of Our City. It’s an emotionally dense and beautifully constructed record which heralds the arrival of an Australian artist worth talking about.

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