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Them Crooked Vultures

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Them Crooked Vultures
WDR TV Germany: Cologne, Palladium |  broadcast from 08.12.2009

watch here: http://www1.wdr.de/fernsehen/kultur/rockpalast/videos/av/videothemcrookedvultures102.html?autostart=true



- No One Loves Me & Neither Do I:

- Dead End Friends:

- Scumbag Blues:

- Elephants:

- Highway 1:

- New Fang:

- Gunman:

- bandolier:

- Mind Eraser, No Chaser:

- Caligulove:

- Interlude With Ludes:

- Spinning In Daffodils:

- Reptiles:

- Warsaw Or The First Breath You Take After You Give Up:




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They were such a great band.  Their album was a breath of fresh air.  I can still recall the anticipation as they had little clips of songs on their website in the weeks leading up to the release.  I think the clips were from Scumbag Blues.

I was fortunate enough to see them 3 times.  Electric Factory in Philly 10/12/2009, The 9:30 Club in DC 10/14/2009, and Roseland Ballroom in NYC 2/8/2010.  All great shows.  I was right in front standing in front of Jones for the first two shows.  Could not get to NYC early enough that day to be up front.

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12 hours ago, ebk said:

That was fun.  Thanks for posting it!! 


...it was fun to watch.  I wonder what software he used?  I was pleasantly surprised to see anything new that had to do with TCV ....it's shocking to think it's been almost 10 years!

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Me personally, I feel that no matter what JPJ,  Dave Grohl or Josh do next, a second TCV album would trump everything. I don't know but how hard would it be for them to release a second album. They mention it every so often but it's getting like Jimmy saying he's going to leave his house with his guitar case. A new TCV album would be seismic, for me anyway. That and a new BCC album would be so sweet and both with Zeppelin connections. Rock needs the bloodline to continue!

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I agree, it is too bad they haven't done this yet, a few years back I was excited when there was some activity with bands merch store and in the news.  Must have just been the 10 year anniversary of the effort. 

Johannes was not involved in the TCV studio recordings according to my addled memory as well, and I wouldn't doubt of Jones, Homme, and Grohl were all involved in playing the guitar overdubs/solos on the studio album.  I recall Johannes was brought in since they needed a second guitarist to perform the songs live, and they really could have chosen anyone for this role.

So, I wonder if Page was ever considered to play lead on the TVC album?

I remember when I heard the first TCV album I thought the songs would have been perfect soundscape for Jimmy Page to go wild on. We all know JPJ, Jason Bonham, and JP had been jamming and trying out singers for a new project right before this came out, and Jimmy was raring and ready to go on a tour.   

I'll bet Page wanted to play mostly Zep stuff on the Not-Zeppelin tour, and playing someone else's songs with a relatively minimal amount of input, may not have appealed to him in the afterglow of the O2.  But still, TCV was all riff bases tunes and relatively simply lead parts, but with lots of catchy and unexpected hooks; kind of Jimmy Page's forte.  Of course a new album from TCV in 2021 may be coming along too late for JP to be able or interested at this point.  

But a new TCV album (and a post COVID 19 tour) would certainly be welcome!

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