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Rate the Song Above You


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^ 8.5 I've given a listen to the whole album after hearing that song. Great band!

Sweet! Another Graveyard fan!! :D I was lucky enough to discover them on this very forum! Great stuff indeed! B)

^8.5 That was really good! Sounded very 80s! :D


Time to groove with Deep Purple!!!! ;)

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^^ 3, I am sorry, but that is really not my cup of tea.. Although this song sounds a little better than most of the other 80's synth pop.

Here's one of my fav 00's bands.. "My name is Johnny, you deal with me now!" How's that for an introduction?! LOL

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^9 I really felt like saying "Stick 'em up Johnny!" LOL! :lol: Loved the guitar-riffs and the groovy 60s wild west type sound! I really felt like dancing to that tune! :D


I was trying to resist the temptation to post this song but I couldn't! LOL! Its fairly recent rock from Finland! ;)

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