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TCV ROCKED Indy Monday night!

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TCV ROCKED Indy on Monday night. :D Met up with bigzepfan in line outside and got a spot on the front row on the rail in front of Josh. It was LOUD, but I loved it!! Alberta Cross, the opening band was good and I am going to check them out more now that I have heard them. I used up all my memory in my camera taking video and some pics and also used my Droid phone (the pics suck that I took on the phone but the video isn't bad on it but the sound sucks on the Droid phone). I didn't think the sound would come out on the videos from my camera but it did so I am going to work on getting those posted to youtube later this afternoon and evening.

Sorry I am not good with Set lists so I can't post that but they did play at least 2 songs that were not on the cd. Jonesy was great and looked like he was having a great time, smiling and jammming as he played. At one point he was even shuffling and jumping a bit when he played....so cool! Dave was an animal on the drums and at the end gave out some of his sticks. I tried to get one but he gave them out to people further out in the crowd. I think Josh threw one of his guitar picks out but didn't realize it till it flew past me!

Wish I would have got a poster but they were sold out by the time I got to the merch table afer the show was over. I didn't leave my spot on the rail once I got it!! I did pick up a tshirt and was surprised how reasonable priced all the merch was.

I am so glad everything worked out and I was able to attend after I decided I wasn't going to the Chicago show last week and decided to try to find a ticket for the Indy show. So happy I got to finally see JPJ live! I am a big Foos fan too so seeing Dave was great too. TCV puts on a great show. Once of the best ones I have seen in a long time!! :D My ears are still ringing this morning but it was worth it!!!

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