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Fake Physical Graffiti Vinyl?


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I bought it at Amoeba records in LA for $30. I come home and the vinyl is bright green.

The copyright information is written in spanish (as well as saying 'disco' as opposed to disc)

Usually vinyls take a second or two of silence before the music starts and a second or two after the side ends. With these its immediate.

'In My time of dying' fades out rather than ending with Plant singing "I'm gonna make it my dying dying....cough" (and then the guys in the background saying "that's gonna be the one")

As far as sound quality goes I mean it sounds good, great even but *shrug* fake vinyl can still sound good.

There's no copyright date except for the 1975 so if it's real, I would assume it's not a re-issue.

Because of the spanish, I would assume it was a copy from Mexico if it was real (or obviously bootlegged from there if its fake)

What gets me is "ImToD" fading out. Is that what they did before re-issuing PG?

I've tried google search but *shrug* i can't find any reliable sites detailing specific pressings of Zeppelin releases.

So I mean it's either an older copy from Mexico or it's a new bootleg copy. Ideas anybody?

Thank you in advance.

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Some green vinyl copies were pressed for the US market, possibly other countries as well. Never heard of any versions where IMTOD fades, though. Then again, I've only heard two vinyl pressings - I wore out my original 75 copy, bought another one later in the 70s, and both had the full version.

The original CD pressing I had cut out 'Cough...' onwards. But I've never heard a fade-out.

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