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I discovered a thing!


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Yes, I discovered that Jimmy Page is really one of the main part of my musical character. When I was young, in my adolescence, Led was my dream, my Holy Grail, then I suited to Van Halen, Satriani, Steve Vai and many, many others. They still are good, but I had a relapse to Led Zeppelin recently and discovered one thing: Jimmy Page, now I comprehend your way of thinking, playing, etc. I do have much from it (or of it), is interesting that I have much of Jimmy's playing, instinct, way of playing things, ultimately, the years of Led Zeppelin DO NOT belongs to my adolescence and, absolutely to my living (it is strange but, in listening to Jimmy playing something, it seems that I know where he is going, what he will do, at last, is a kind of telepathy or syncronism). Added to that comes the very talented Robert, John and Bonzo, CONGRATULATIONS guys you are (the)GOOD ones.

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