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12 Year Old Drummer Ryan Birkbeck - John Bonham Drum Solo

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I've seen this a long time ago. Not bad, for a 12 year old drummer.

I like how his teacher is Bobby Rondinelli. That's pretty sweet stuff. I really hate the Vistalite sets though ... I much preferred Bonham's old Ludwig green set, or his '77-'80 set.

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Great show little guy! I was a late bloomer with music, started playing drum's at around 14. In a few week's I was playing along with Bonzo, Moon the loon, and a few other guy's that where on the 8-track tape's I inherited from my older sister's, by the time I was 17 was a full blown virtuoso. I do some time's suck bad with a guitar as drum's is my main instrument. I need to find a band to get back into playing drum's man! I get frustrated with the guitar but it's the only way to go for song writing, so I'll never give it up.

It's good to see the youth of today enjoying and excelling at music even if it's just for fun, music is the best!

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