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Rehearsal gig for VIPs

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If I'm not mistaken this show should begin ANYTIME in the next 90 minutes? Please post setlists immediately and let's flood that you tube thingy.

Oh how I wish I were there.


You & me alike, Maybe 20-million other people aswell.

"But What Is And What Should Never Be" My friend.

But for the ones that are there, Lets Hope they have a great time, & that the

"Boys Burn Up The Stage",

All the best,


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The dress rehearsal has just started. I can hear Zep from here ( Preston, Lancashire ). :)


Ahhhhhhh I couldn't handle the excitment!!!!! Well, of course I could...but OMG!!!

oops, all I read was it started....not the Lancashire part......:bagoverhead:

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Sure would like to hear what songs they play(ed) at the rehearsal and asolutely ANY other information from our lucky friends in attendance. Not seeing much on this site - is there another site this is being posted? I haven't seen anything on PZ yet either.

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