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Greensboro 1977 film footage


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23 hours ago, Steve Colston said:

I was at the Greensboro 1977 show, and during the acoustic set,  Page had a roadie bringing him out Heinekens. He would take a big chug, then keep playing. He would only drink from the bottle once, then his roadie would bring him a fresh one. He probably had 10 half full bottles around him by the end of that set. When he came out for the encore he came out from behind the drum riser, staggered into Bonham's drum kit, laughed put the drums back in place and was handed his guitar. He played the opening riff to Whole Lotta Love, then they went straight into Rock and Roll. The show started about an hour late because, as Plant explained, "we left somebody back in New York, and had to go back for him." It was Bonham's birthday, and it was suspected that was the missing person. They had played in Landover MD the previous night, but they would fly their private jet, the "Starship" back to NYC after each gig. I was 17 and the show blew my mind.

You lucky bastard!

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