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Bigbang - Zeppelin inspired rock from Norway!

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For all you Led Zeppelin fans out there: Take a listen to Bigbang - one of Norways largest rock bands. The band been active since 1992 producing high quality rock music inspired by the 60s-70s classic rock, acoustic folk ballads and a bit of punk.

In reviews the band have been compared to bands like Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Big Star, CSNY, R.E.M, The Band, SRV Double Trouble, J Masics and more.

We thought you might like the music and would appriciate all kinds of input. Please stop by any of the social sites, listen to the music and join the discussion!





Feel also free to visit the official homepage at www.thebigbangweb.com. If you go to the contest page @ http://www.thebigban...m/fendercontest, you can join the contest to win an autographed '50s Road Worn Fender Telecaster guitar!

Svein - bigbangfans.com

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