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RH Diary 12 9 2007

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From the pages of RH diary today:

"December 9

Been feeling sorry for myself all week, so went to my local doctor. 'I'm ill.' She examines me, there is nothing wrong - 'take some Nurofen' and prescribes me some cough medicine. This isn't right, I'm ill, I need real drugs.

[b]Spent two days last week photographing a group called Led Zeppelin. There were super tight and rehearsed. I'm not going to tell you what they played, you can all find out tomorrow...

Yesterday met up with my friend Grant MacPherson (a well-known chef) and Nori, my Man Friday, who sleeps on my floor next to my bed and does everything for me like a butler. Chris Cornell always asks about him, I think he wants to steal him off me.

Spoke to Jimmy Page, who Grant, Nori and I met up with for lunch, then Steve Gorman (from the Black Crowes) phoned and we all met up for a drink.

Was going to have a quiet night until John Bionelli rang and wanted to go out and destroy London 'Like Kiss Alive' - these were John's words. We ended up destroying Nobu with John's camp friend, Chris Vrainian. As we walked along Hyde Park Chris asked Kazuyo (who was staggering drunk) to take a photo of us outside the mens toilet. 'Get the sign,' Chris slurred, 'aaaaahhh want to show maaaaa boys back home.' Chris is from Richmond Virginia where they obviously don't have mens toilets. I think Chris was looking for some rough trade to make friends with. I left them together destroying the Mandarin Oriental Bar..."

So it appears that Led Zeppelin is ready to ROCK!!!!!!! :thumsbsup: I was so excited reading that though I won't be there.

I hope he posts the Zep pics in the next day or two.......

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