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Best post-Zep tunes?

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There are always a million best-of threads, but I don't think I've seen one about the best post-Zep solo tune(s). I think we should disqualify Page/Plant material, as well as 'The Only One' from Outrider, for obvious reasons.

My vote is 'She Said'. Just a great tune from beginning to end, and very modern at the time it came out. Not Robert's greatest album overall, but it did have some outstanding tracks on it.

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Changes all the time..

29 Palms recently...no discredit but I can picture Page playing those licks, with more balls of course. cool.gif

Beat me too it. 29 Palms. I love the ending.

For Page, Emerald Eyes. Love it.

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Outrider- Prison Blues, Emerald Eyes, Hummingbird, Liquid Mercury

The Firm- Satisfaction Guaranteed, Midnight Moonlight, Live In Peace

C/P - Take Me For A Little While, Absolution Blues


Thunderthief-Leafy Meadows, Ice Fishing At Night

Zooma-Nosumi Blues

TCV-Interlude With Ludes


Pictures at Eleven-Like I've Never Been Gone, Moonlight In Samosa

The Principle Of Moments-In The Mood, Thru With The Two Step, Big Log

Shaken n Stirred-Sixes and Sevens, Little By Little

Manic Nirvana-I Cried, Liars Dance

Fate Of Nations- I Believe, 29 Psalms, Come Into My Life

Now And Zen-Heaven Knows,Ship Of Fools, Helen Of Troy

Dreamland-Morning Dew, Song To the Siren, Skip's Song

Mighty Rearranger-Shine It All Around, All The Kings Horses, The Enchanter,Let The Four Winds Blow,Mighty Rearranger

Sixty Six To Timbuktu- Rude World, Operator, Little Hands

Raising Sand- Please Read The Letter, Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On), Nothin

Love them all, but these come to mind :peace:

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P&P material is disqualified!!!! :D

Come into my Life, from Fate of Nations, is another great one.

LOL!!! :D

Yes. I agree (with Come Into My Life). Love the intro with the drums and guitars.

R B)

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