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Alberta Cross


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I saw these guys warm up Them Crooked Vultures in Indianapolis and then Chicago. At first listen they were interesting, intriguing and they had a sense of soul that you don't see these days. Of course, I was there for TCV, so I wanted hard rock that night. I wasn't looking for anything but headbanging wailing tunes. Alberta Cross isn't very heavy = until you get to know their music. They are heavy with soul, not heavy with metallic sounding guitars.

The second night I was happy that they were warming up again. This time I can give them a good listen...and I did. These guys are simply amazing. Every member of the band is so into what they're doing, and I mean into it. The singers enchanting voice combined with the slide guitar sound and interesting percussion fills throughout the songs make it a real treat compared to most bands out there. These guys have FEEL.

From Wikipedia(I know):

Alberta Cross are a New York-based band, formed by Petter Ericson Stakee (vocals, guitar) & Terry Wolfers (bass). Despite their different upbringings - Petter travelled from an early age between Sweden and England with his singer-songwriter father whilst Terry was brought up in London's East End - they share a mutual love of music.

They were joined by Petters brother John Alexander Ericson on organ to record their self-produced 2007 debut "The Thief & The Heartbreaker." The band's sound has been compared to Kings of Leon, The Band, Neil Young, The Raconteurs and other blues-influenced rock bands.


Check out the broken side of time, the making of.

Since I saw them in May I haven't listened to much else.

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I had never heard of them till the TCV show at Indy and I kick myself for not taping their set! After the Indy show I found a couple boots of theirs and have been listening to them ever since. I really like their music. They were in St. Louis right after the Chicago TCV show and if I had been home instead of still in Indy, I would have traveled to go see them in St. Louis. I hope to catch them live again sometime soon.

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I should have known Led Zep Gurl, I know you have great taste in music!

As for recording, I know. first row two nights in a row and I didn't tape one song. I have a few pics on my iphone of them, that's it. Luckily we have youtube.

Their schedule is overseas and not back to the US until 7/3 at Governor's Island, NY.whcih from what I hear is an amazing place to see a show. Catch is - The same night I have tickets for Ringo and the All-Stars and I'm staying right next door to the Ringo show instead of driving three hours and then taking the ferry to the island to see the show. After the show waiting for the ferry and then driving back home. Ugh. Ringo is just so easy! Then they're back later in the year, but it looks like I'm goinig to have to drive 5 hours again. I've never been to New Hampshire before so it's all good.

Aug 31 - Boise, ID / Taco Bell Arena w/ Dave Matthews Band - TICKETS

Sep 3 - George, WA / The Gorge w/ Dave Matthews Band and Ben Harper & Relentless7 - TICKETS

Sep 4 - George, WA / The Gorge w/ Dave Matthews Band and Ben Harper & Relentless7 - TICKETS

Sep 5 - George, WA / The Gorge w/ Dave Matthews Band and Ben Harper & Relentless7 - TICKETS

Sep 17 – Telluride, CO / Telluride Blues & Brews Festival - TICKETS

Sep 17 – Telluride, CO / Sheridan Opera House - TICKETS

Sep 24 – Lincoln, NH / Nor'Easter Festival @ Loon Mountain - TICKETS

I hope they continue to tour or add some more dates.

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Thanks! :D

I have a few pics of them taken on my Droid phone but they came out blurry and a short video of them doing Rise From the Shadows at Indy. I wish I would have taped the entire song since I really, really like that tune!

I knew they were going out of the country for a while to tour soon. Hopefully they will hit the midwest again so I can see them

There are some good sounding clips on youtube though.

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