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You're welcome. :)

I hear you on the vegan business. It took me years to finally do it and I'm not strict about it. It's been OK if we're at home by ourselves but when we have company or we're out or traveling, it's much more difficult for me. Part of it is that I don't want to be viewed as "fussy middle-aged pill" so I really try to be flexible. You just need to do what you're comfortable with at your stage in life. Again, good luck to you.

Thanks. :)

A friend of mine has been going back and forth with veganism for what feels like ages now. If I were to ever bother doing it, I'd wanna properly DO IT, y'know, rather than like...keep giving into the cheese or whatever! Which is what I know I would do, so there's no point me trying! I do love dairy and I don't have any aversions to it, so there isn't really any reason for me to go vegan.

My friend's gone vegan yet again at the moment but I don't know how long it will last this time 'round! :lol:

On a completely unrelated note, I'm thinking of getting a Manic Street Preachers tattoo. I have ideas. Hmm...

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I've become pretty fluent in French, I speak a little Arabic with a great accent but Id love to learn how to write it, I can only understand Spanish, pistachio is my favorite ice cream flavor, people speak Chinese around me all the time and I get jealous, I absolutely hate my doctor, I'm a bad ass foil fencer, I believe that hooka pipes have ruined my life, I'm competing in a competition this coming week for 4 days straight, I still can't ride a damn bike, and I love conservation of energy and Mr. Z

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I fell off the gym wagon over the past few weeks and am going back today; I'm trying to give up refined sugar and white carbs, but it's not going so well (Girl Scout cookies ... :blink: ); I love to cook and I hate yardwork.

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I agree....

I'm playing a gig tonight...

I expect you'll be there and playing by now, Good Luck anyway, let us know how it went later?

Random fact: I own two Guitars a Mandolin and two Irish drums.

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I love Supernatural!!! And cheese. And I KNOW that brussel sprouts are evil.

Hi there 'wedigo' how are you?

I like travelling in my 'Leisure Vehicle', during the Summer I travel to wherever I want to go, sometimes I go to Ireland, sometimes I go to Wales.

This year, I'm thinking of visiting France.

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