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Random Facts About Yourself

Puck Slapping Maple Sucker

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I am now the proud owner of progressive lenses. (Eyewear) Blech!

I will probably have nausea and a headache for the next few weeks.

Getting old sucks, man.


They're not so bad. I've worn them for years. Just be careful going up and down steps at first...

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favorite evening activity is to lay back on the family trampoline and watch the stars

almost drowned in front of my wife on vacation... dropped a disposable camera, went down to get it out of the coral and my right foot got stuck in the coral... uh-oh...got freed up and to the surface in time for a skinny lil lifeguard to haul me onto the surf board in front of many witnesses. Never got the camera.

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I enjoy the ocean

Me, too.

I find the ocean very soothing.

It's so vast and powerful.

I also love surfing.

Watching, that is.

I can't surf myself, but I love watching, especially surfing movies.

Some day I want to go to Hawaii and visit the North Shore / Waimea Bay area to see the massive waves there.

I recently learned they get the biggest during the winter months.

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hehehehe... :lol:

Sorry, that was pretty funny & I needed the laugh.

Wow, Rick's really been working on that sense of humour of his, hasn't he? Still got a ways to go, but I have to admit I almost smiled.

The funniest thing is, my neighbours are an old retired couple. But his description bore an uncanny resemblance to my household. Ha.Ha.Ha.

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Nice thread!!!

I hitch hiked about 6000 kilometers in my life (around Czech and around Europe) and never had any problem. All drivers that stopped were generous and nice to me!!! When I drive a car, I stop hitchhikers myself and try to be generous and nice to them!!!

I love meeting new people, I always see the best on them. Problem is, I am always disapointed later, cos NOBODY is perfect and I still cant coop with that :(.

I dont like my job, but I cant really imagine a job I WOULD like :).

I play bassguitar, I play in a group and I can handle it well I guess, but I cant play guitar or any other instrument for that matters. I am musical antitalent (I have something I would call a total musical deaf), but LOVE music so much, that I learned how to play bassguitar anyway!!!

I was on every continent except Antarctic already for at least a month straight. I am not planning to go there as I love warm weather rather then cold ;-).

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Love cheese and chocolate, but not together. I cannot stand that Miranda Hart creature on tv (NOT funny!), detest the over useage of the word "celeb" and I have a chickenpox scar of the right side of the bridge of my nose.

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I have never been stung by a bee in my whole 14 years.

I got stung by a bee in the palm of my hand once, scrambling up a hill on my hands and knees, felt a sudden pain then lifted my hand to see the little shit buzzing off...hurt like hell.

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