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Random Facts About Yourself

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I get hot feet when I go to bed. Most annoying and not just for me. Sometimes I have to shower them in cold water. I have tried most things, sprays,cold water bottles, I always stick them out of the duvet. Once they were so hot I went in the garden and stood on the patio in the snow!!. It's always been a problem even when i was very young.

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Sometimes I wish society would crumble and I could live in a post-apocalyptic world - I just think it would be more exciting (or maybe I've watched too many post-apocalyptic films) Although that's not really a fact, more of a vague wish.

OK fact: I don't like giving facts about myself.

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I'm a decent cook for the most part, but I can't bake worth shit. My pie crust is never flaky. My cookies always turn out hard instead of chewy. My cakes often have those little tunnels in them.

If I had my teen and college years to do over again I wouldn't be such a goody-two-shoes this time around. I would smoke a joint or two, attend more parties and date a bad boy.

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How long ago was that?

The first time I did LSD I was alone in Trinity Bellwood Park (Toronto) and I saw the sunrise listening the album "The Song Remains The Same" , I was literally IN HEAVEN

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I'm a huge movie fan - between 250 and 300 a year for the last 20 years.

English is my second language.

Everyone in my family(and most of my friends) is into rock music, that is the only reason I'm not afraid of anyone criticizing or intervening in my obsession with LZ.

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I like dogs more than most people.

If my LZ obsession does not simmer down soon I can expect my family and friends to stage an intervention.

Agree with both.

My mother recently told me to get a life (then she bought me tickets to the Pittsburgh Symphony performs the Music of LZ and the Jason Bonham/Heart concert!). And I told my boyfriend to leave and not return until he could name all four band members correctly (He actually called them "the one with the long black hair, the one with the long blonde hair, and the other two!).

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