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Congratulations, Nemea. What you're doing is hard work.

I am writing my first novel and hope it will be finished before Christmas.

Congratulations, Nemea. what you're doing -- writing a novel -- is hard work.

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I just noticed your question (working with iPad is such a pain in the a** I don't know how to copy and paste your lines in here)

I don't know about publishing. I certainly hope so. This one is in Finnish, but I have written in English a lot too. Right now I should be putting everything aside and write, but I guess I'll relax a while, make some dinner, heat up the sauna and then if I am still awake I'll continue, lol

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Cool.....If you can ever upload it in some way I would like to hear that one!

I will have to transfer it from the tape to the PC. If anyone can do that and transfer it to CD I'll be happy to mail it to them? eeemmmm I think I know who can do it. It's a great recording from a great show. Manchester Palace Theater in @ 1982

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I've never been drunk. Really. Alcohol has a sedative effect on me. Instead of getting a nice buzz, I get drowsy. I can't stay awake long enough to get seriously intoxicated. If this wasn't bad enough...marijuana makes my nose run and itch. I don't even have to smoke it; just being around marijuana fumes is enough to get me started. It made me the joke of my freshman dorm. I'm allergic to several grass and tree pollens. I wonder marijuana belongs to the same plant family as one of my allergens?

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I hate The Incredible Hulk, in fact I've still got a fear of it.


This made me run behind the sofa...I mean come on! Looking at that through the eyes of a 6/7 year old?!?! Horrible! :run:

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Whenever I mow my yard I think about how many insect's homes I'm destroying. I think about stuff like that...

I've had that same idea before!! It's a strange thing to think about, isn't it??

I'm reeling right now from a lack of Doritos Jacked Spicy Chipotle BBQ chips, I swear to God those things are crack to me. They stopped selling them a while ago (around here at least) and there's been a big hole in my soul ever since...

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